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She nodded. “Now all I need to know is why and who?”
“Why and who what?”
“Why were you sent and who initiated it?”
“I just told you that I was sent to help you through the rebirth.”
“So they have a list of every possible Reborn?”
His expression tightened with more frustration. “I don’t know what all they have … but I do know they know that there are only a few bloodlines that lead to rebirths, so maybe they do.” He passed a hand over his face and then glared at her. “Do you know what all the FRU has?”
No, she didn’t. But she wasn’t satisfied. “There has to be a reason they sent you, Chase. In a perfect world, maybe they just care about people. But this isn’t a perfect world. And I don’t think the Vampire Council gives a shit about a few people dying unless it’s in their benefit to make sure they don’t.”
“They aren’t the monsters you make them out to be. The problems between the council and the FRU are political. Not because one of them is evil and the other isn’t.”
She heard what he said, but she was too busy trying to answer her own questions. All of a sudden, an answer came to her. “Did they send you so that I would come to work for them? Or maybe that I would be one of their spies in the FRU? Is that what they really wanted? What they want?”
“I already told you they want you to come and work for them.”
“But was that their plan all along? Save me, then use you to try to convince me to become a traitor?”
Chapter Thirty-five
“A traitor?” Chase asked. “So the Vampire Council is terrible to ask you to work for them? What the hell do you think Burnett has been doing since he discovered that I’m a Reborn? Is the man you hold the utmost respect for evil for trying to get me to work for the FRU? For that matter, why the hell do you think he’s working with Shadow Falls? Or haven’t you noticed how many of the students are working for the FRU? He’s handpicking the cream of the crop.”
His point gave Della pause, but only for a second. “Burnett cares. He’d die for any of the students at Shadow Falls. And he didn’t get involved with the camp just so he would have access to the students.”
“Oh, I’m sure that never crossed his mind,” Chase said with sarcasm.
She leaned closer to him. “I happen to know that he’s gone against the FRU and their rules to protect someone. He’s put his job on the line for the school. And even you made the point that he coddles his agents. Why do you think that is?” She poked him in the chest with her finger. “Could it be because he cares?”
“Could it be that he’s not the only one?” Chase snapped back.
“The Vampire Council doesn’t care.”
She went to poke him again and he caught her finger, his eyes bright. He leaned in, she thought to give her more hell, but she was wrong.
“I wasn’t talking about the council. I’m talking about me.”
His lips met hers in a kiss that tasted like anger, passion … he tasted good.
So good.
He let go of her finger and one hand came to the back of her neck, the other cradled the back of her head. Della’s hand dropped to press against his chest.
The kiss deepened and so did Della’s confusion.
His tongue slipped between her lips. She allowed it. Welcomed it.
Finally, seeing reason, she pulled back. “You can’t just kiss me to avoid answering.”
“Really?” He drew her closer and kissed her again.
And damn it, she let him.
She finally pushed back. “Answer me,” she said, but without a lot of conviction.
He smiled at her. “I forgot the question.”
She wanted to smack that smile off his face, especially when she realized she’d forgotten the question, too.
He passed a finger over her lips, and the sexy way he looked at her told her he was about to kiss her again. She caught his finger this time. “Why haven’t you arranged a meeting with me and the Vampire Council?”
“I have. We’re going there before we go to the airport to pick up Damian Bond.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I was going to, but ever since you showed up at my place earlier, all I’ve focused on was coming to see your aunt.” He pulled his finger free and touched her chin. “Now, will you answer my questions?”
“What questions?”
“Natasha is Chan’s sister?”
“No,” Della said and decided to tell him the truth. “The ghost is Natasha’s mom. She gave Natasha up for adoption.”
“So you had another aunt?”
“I guess the council missed that in their report, huh?”
“I guess so,” he said and looked concerned. She almost asked if he knew about her uncle. The question sat on the tip of her tongue.
“How did Natasha’s mom die?”
“She was murdered,” Della said, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him more.
Questions and concerns quickly started forming in Della’s head. “Because Chan and I were both Reborns, does that mean Natasha will be, too?”
“It’s not a given, but her odds are fifty/fifty.”
Della started thinking about other odds. “I’ve heard that in families that carry the virus, the odds of them actually getting turned are like one in a hundred. And only then when they’re young.” This was why Della hadn’t really worried about her sister. “Do those odds of being turned go up if you belong to one of the bloodlines that are more likely to be Reborn?” When he didn’t answer immediately, she asked, “Are my sister and Meiling at a higher risk of being turned?”