A Very Merry Hockey Holiday

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“I’m nervous I could lose it again, but I mean, I’m ten weeks. I think God did it that way so I wouldn’t stress and worry, you know?”
Tears flooded Piper’s eyes as she wiped away her sister’s. “Yeah, this one is going to stick and stay. It has to—it went through tied tubes to get here!”
“I just can’t believe it!”
“Me either! It’s freaking amazing. Come here!”
Harper laughed and wrapped her arms tightly around Piper as she sobbed into her shoulder. Piper loved Christmastime; it was the best time for miracles.
And Harper’s and Audrey’s babies were just that.
After finishing for the day and loving on Harper and her family, Piper went home to her own family. As she drove, a huge grin was on her face. Her sister was pregnant. What a freaking miracle. When her phone started to ring, she reached for it to see that it was her twin.
“Have you talked to Harper?” Reese basically yelled with excitement.
“I did! Can you believe it?”
“No! Oh my God, really, Piper, I’ve been sitting here crying, I am so happy for her.”
“Me too, I cried. I just can’t believe it.”
“It’s a damn miracle, I tell you!”
“I know. It’s so awesome,” Piper agreed. “Next is you, lady.”
“Oh, hell no! You’re next.”
“Whatever, we are done. We have two, a boy and girl, what more do we need?”
“I have a handful of a son and then a niece who is getting married. I’m too broke to have any more.”
Piper laughed. “Liar. You can afford ten more.”
She scoffed. “Claire is going to make us broke. You know she wants to pay for everyone to fly in? Phillip told her to kiss his ass, and I’m like, Claire, you haven’t even picked a date!”
Piper’s grin grew. Her niece was going to drive Phillip and Reese insane with her wedding.
“I swear, he is going to be gray before this wedding happens. My poor husband.”
“He’ll be fine. It’s awesome. Claire and Jude love each other so much.”
“Yeah, I know. She is so happy, and I love when she is happy. I just wish she’d wait at least another ten years.”
Piper scoffed. “Please, in ten years, she’ll have kids and stuff.”
“Oh, Lord help us all. Could you imagine her raising kids in Vegas? The horror,” she said and Piper couldn’t help but laugh.
“Jeez, Reese, you sound like Grandma!”
“Shut up!” she yelled, and Piper couldn’t stop her laughter if she tried. “I was just calling because of Harper and then to ask what time Christmas dinner is.”
“Mom said four and presents after.”
“Okay cool, just making sure. I’ll talk to you later.”
“All right, love you.”
“Love you,” Reese said just as Piper pulled into her garage. Shutting the car off, she locked everything up and shut the garage door before heading inside. Within seconds, she was attacked by two little people before her husband wrapped her in a hug, kissing her lips.
“Well, what a greeting,” she said, breathless, as he parted, kissing her nose.
“We missed you,” he said. “And they are driving me insane.”
She giggled as she picked up Katarina. Usually, she took the kids with her to her murals, but since Erik was home, they’d stayed with him.
“They tend to do that. Hey, Alla and Cooper!” she said to her in-laws. They were staying for a couple weeks for Christmas and she loved having them.
“Hey, honey, dinner is almost done,” Alla said as Cooper sent her a grin.
“Awesome. Hey, have y’all talked to Jakob today?”
All three of them shook their heads, and Piper decided that she would allow him to share the happy news. Alla and Cooper had been hinting for another grandchild. They weren’t going to get it from Erik and Piper. They were done.
“Why?” Erik asked.
“No reason,” she said, putting Katarina down and walking past them to change and shower. Like she knew he would, Erik followed her and shut the door behind them.
“What are you doing?” she asked, buying time.
“Following you,” he said before sliding his hands down her thighs, pressing his growing erection against her ass. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear, kissing the spot below it.
“I love you,” she said, turning in his arms and pressing her lips to his. When she pulled back though, he didn’t let her get far before he deepened the kiss, his hands sliding into the pockets of her jeans. Closing her eyes, she got lost in his kiss and didn’t realize he was walking her backward to the bed until he was lying on top of her, his hands going up into her shirt.
Grinning, she pulled away. “Erik, our children and your parents are in the room over. They got an earful the other night. Come on,” she pleaded as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. He had found her nipple, and he knew that was her hot spot. Gasping, her fingers tangled in his hair, but then banging started at the door, followed by Katarina wailing, “Mommy!”
Letting her nipple go, he kissed the spot between her breasts and grinned. “Your kid is a cockblock.”
She giggled at that before pushing him off her and going to open the door to her special little people. “What do you need, love bug?”