A Very Merry Hockey Holiday

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He chuckled against her jaw before dusting it slowly with kisses. “Never. You’ll sleep with me no matter what.”
“Maybe,” she grumbled and he grinned, kissing her neck again.
“And the reason you married me is because you are totally devoted to me,” he whispered again, his fingers dancing along where that was written along her wrist.
Totally devoted. It was their thing. Something he treasured.
Leaning against his face, she kissed his jaw. “You’re right.”
“I know, only happens sometimes,” he said, kissing her again. Holding her tightly, he could feel every single bit of her tension. He hated that. She needed to be calm and stress-free. It couldn’t be healthy for his new baby girl if her mother was stressed.
“What can I do to make you happy, Fallon?” he asked, his hands slowly going down her stomach to her thighs. She took in a sharp breath before leaning her head back against his shoulder, her body weight strong against him. It was nothing to him, though. He was pretty sure he could pick her up and take her against the wall, but of course, for the safety of their child, he wouldn’t do that. But he would play. He would try to relieve some stress from his gorgeous wife. He would do just about anything for her.
“I mean, I like the direction your hands are going, but aren’t our children in the car?”
He nodded, tracing kisses up her neck. “They are, but Stella is sleeping and Aiden and Asher are playing their DSs. I can at least make you come real quick if it will make you happy.”
Letting out a breath, she laced her fingers with his as she melted against him. Everyone thought she was crazy and mean, and yeah, she was, but with him, he could have her purring like a kitten in seconds. “Just being in your arms makes me happy.”
He scoffed. “Liar. What do you want? Oreos and an orgasm?”
She giggled as she turned in his arms, wrapping her arms loosely around his neck. “That sounds like the mother of all plans, but I have no Oreos here and our babies are in the car. Let’s go.”
He wrapped his arms around her waist, her belly pressing against his growing erection. A contented grin sat on his face as he stared into his wife’s eyes. It had been six years since he had gotten his love back, and to his surprise, it had come not only in the form of this gorgeous woman but also a little boy who held his world. The years had been great to them. They were very blessed with happiness, more children, and a marriage that no one could touch. She was still exquisite as ever, her caramel eyes piercing as her sweet mouth curved in such a delectable way. She was everything he ever needed, even when she was stubborn and difficult.
He loved that about her.
“Well, how about this, baby?” he started, gathering her tighter in his arms, pressing his nose into hers. “I get you home after the game, put on the bath since your back will be hurting, and then I’ll get the kids to bed before making sweet love to you?”
“With Oreos?”
He grinned. “And I’ll get you Oreos.”
“You’re the best husband in the world.”
“I am,” he said with a wink. “Now apologize to Rob before he quits on you.”
“He would do no such thing,” she said as they locked pinkies before walking out. “He loves me.”
“The hell you say,” Rob called, crossing his arms across his chest. “I’ll love you again when you are done being pregnant. You know what? Can I get it in writing that this is the last kid or I’m quitting?”
Lucas chuckled as Fallon rolled her eyes. “Last one, I promise.”
“I need that in writing. Really. I can’t handle this anymore.”
“I’m not that bad,” Fallon said, glaring.
“Yes, you are,” Lucas and Rob both said.
“But I love you,” Lucas said to save his own ass, but Rob didn’t care. He defiantly shook his head.
“I love you, but you are driving me insane. How many more days? Eight?”
Fallon held her stretched-to-the-max stomach with her other hand and let out a breath. “Seven, unless I can talk the doctor into getting her out on Monday.”
“I’ll be praying,” Rob sang and Fallon smiled.
“Me too,” Lucas said, kissing her cheek. “But we need to go.”
They said bye to Rob before making their way out of the winery’s business suites and toward their car that held their family. Opening the door for his wife, he helped her in as Stella cried out, “Mommy!”
“Hey, sugarplum,” Fallon cooed as Lucas shut the door, running around to get in himself. It was colder than Antarctica, but with only thirty days till Christmas, it was expected and wanted. The kids were hoping for a white Christmas, but with Tennessee, it was always a surprise. He hoped for their sakes it was since he loved when his kids were happy, but he wasn’t holding his breath.
Jumping into the truck, he said, “Jesus, it’s cold.”
“I hate it,” Fallon complained under her breath and he smiled, but then he noticed as she moved, she cringed.
“You okay?” he asked, pulling out of the parking spot.
She shrugged. “My sides and back are killing me for some God-awful reason.”
“Well, you are pregnant. You’re not in labor, are you?”
She scoffed. “Please, Emery is not going anywhere. She is stubborn.”
“Like her mother,” he said with a knowing grin, but Fallon didn’t seem to think he was funny.