A Very Merry Hockey Holiday

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His family was happy.
Like they had done for the last seven years, they woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and surrounded the tree, passing out gifts. With each year, it became more hectic though. When it had been just him and his gorgeous wife, Elli, it was easy but consisted of a lot of sex under the tree. Then Shelli came, again easy. Then Posey, still easy, but when the twins came, things started to get a little rowdy. By the time Quinn came, it was a mess. Lots of tearing of wrapping paper and lots of screaming, but he didn’t care. The kids were always happy.
And he actually liked the chaos.
“Mommy, I love it! Thank you! Daddy, you’re the greatest!” Shelli exclaimed as she held up her new iPad.
“But I want an iPad, Daddy!” Posey complained.
“Open the box, honey,” Shea said softly. She did then gave him a sheepish grin.
“Thank you, Daddy,” she giggled, holding up her iPad.
“You’re welcome, honey,” he said as Elli leaned against him.
She looked gorgeous with her hair a mess and in his big Assassins tee with long pants. Her feet were covered by the new reindeer socks Quinn had gotten her. She had on earmuffs the girls had given her and also gloves the twins had picked out.
“Warm and toasty?” he asked and she grinned.
“Oh yes, my kiddos give the best gifts, don’t you think?”
He chuckled as she looked him over. He was wearing a big, bright purple scarf that the girls had selected, along with knee-high hockey socks that the twins had gotten him, and reindeer slippers. He looked like a total loser, but he wore his gifts with pride. “I say I think you are right.”
She smiled before leaning up to press her lips to his. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned her forehead against his jaw as they watched the kids tear open presents and cheer when they got something they wanted. He always loved when they got clothes though. Their faces were priceless. Especially Owen’s. He didn’t hold anything back and made sure they all knew that a gift wasn’t what he wanted. Shelli was kind and always thanked them for things even if she didn’t want it. Which didn’t happen a lot.
Just to mess with her though, he got her a Ninja Turtle, and when she opened it, she asked if it was for one of the boys. He told her no, it was for her, and her face was something for the books. He’d never laughed so hard in his life before telling her it was his, when really, he was going to give it to one of the rookies. The other kids were just happy to get to open presents, and he enjoyed that they were so ecstatic. They still had Christmas with his family later that night, and they were even going to Elli’s dad’s house the following day, which would be awkward because her mom and sister would be there. Since they were still trying to suck up to Elli, he was sure that they would get something overly extravagant for the kids, and he hated that. They didn’t have to buy the kids’ love or Elli’s, they just had to be good to them.
That was obviously hard for Victoria and Olivia Fisher.
Kissing his beautiful wife’s forehead, he said, “Wanna open my gift?”
“You got me something?” she asked sweetly and he smiled.
“You know I did. You probably already know what it is,” he said, getting up and going to the tree to retrieve the gift.
“I really don’t,” she reassured him as he handed her the large box. “Shelli, baby, hand me Daddy’s gift.”
“Got me something?” he teased and she shot him a grin.
“You know I did. I love Christmas.”
That she did. It was her favorite holiday, and that was one of the main reason he wished they weren’t going to Michael Fisher’s house. He didn’t want her sister and mother to ruin Elli’s favorite holiday.
When the kids stopped opening their gifts and gathered around them, Shea nodded toward Elli for her to go.
“No, you go first,” she said, basically jumping in her seat. “I’m so excited for you to see what it is.”
To please her, he nodded and opened the box. It was a watch box, and when he opened it to the expensive-looking watch, he smiled. “Thank you. I needed a new watch.”
“That’s not even the best part, look at the base.”
His brows pulled together as he focused on the watch to see that it not only had the time but a picture of Elli and the kids. “And the inscription,” she added.
He smiled as he read the inside of the watch: To the best daddy in the world. We love you. So much.
His grin grew as he put the watch on, looking over at Elli. “I love it. Thank you.”
He then leaned over, kissing her lips as the kids giggled and some said ew. Parting, she grinned as she bounced in her seat.
“Your turn.”
“What is it?” she asked as she pulled the wrapping off.
“A horse,” Shea deadpanned and she giggled. “Open it and see.”
Her grin was unstoppable as she torn open the box. When she looked inside, he smiled when a perplexed look came over her face. Pulling out a smaller box, she glanced at him and he chuckled.
“You thought it was that mixer, huh?”
“Maybe,” she said slowly as she started to unwrap the smaller box.
“It’s under the tree,” he answered and her face lit up.
“Then what is this?”
“Open it and see.”
The kids were basically bouncing off the walls in anticipation. Everyone knew what he had gotten her, and it had taken almost a year to plan. He was excited to see what she thought, though. Opening the box, her brows came together as she took in what she was looking at.