A Very Merry Hockey Holiday

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It had been tough, but she stood by what she said. She wouldn’t let him ruin her. Since she wasn’t talking to him, she guessed he realized that he would have to really prove that he wasn’t going to try to break her and Karson up because he had been on his best behavior. Every day she got an email from him asking how she was. He sent flowers and elaborate gifts for Christmas. He even sent Karson a new hockey stick. Karson joked that it had anthrax on it, but she did think it was a start. Still though, she didn’t call him. She sent him a very short email saying thank you, but that she wasn’t ready to talk to him.
And she wasn’t. She wasn’t sure when she would be either. He’d broken her heart, but thankfully, Karson put it back together. She refused to be unhappy, so she cut out the bad. Fortunately, things between her and Rachel were good after a very long talk. She knew that her dad had been manipulating Rachel; Lacey just wished Rachel wouldn’t have given in to him. Rachel’s need for a father figure was insane, but Lacey was glad she opened her eyes and saw that Lacey’s father was not the father figure she needed. He wasn’t a father figure at all. He was a controlling bastard, and Lacey wouldn’t have any part of it.
While losing her father in her life sucked, she was relieved that she and Grady had gotten closer. He still talked to their father, but it was for the boys more than anything. She didn’t understand how he could be so good to his grandsons but not to his children. It was mind-blowing, but Lacey had made peace with it. She had Karson and his parents if she needed parental figures. Regina and Karl King loved her like she was theirs, and that was more than she could ever wish for.
Plus, she had a new sister. She and Kacey had gotten very close over the last couple weeks, and she knew exactly who Kacey had been speaking to the whole time she had been in Karson and Lacey’s home.
“I thought you said you were going to break it off?”
Kacey grinned as she met Lacey’s gaze. “I would, but ugh, the sex is so good.”
Lacey giggled before setting her with a look. “He doesn’t want a relationship.”
“I know,” she said, letting her shoulders fall. “I need to break it off.”
“Yeah, you do. Jordie Thomas is not a take-home-to-Momma kind of man.”
“No, he isn’t,” she agreed. “But he is a fuck-you-stupid kind of man.”
Lacey laughed out loud as images of JT having sex with some girl in the living room came to mind. “Unfortunately, I know exactly what you mean.”
Kacey knew all about the first time Lacey met JT and proceeded to laugh her butt off while Lacey shuddered. Looking over at her, Lacey said, “You know Karson will flip if he finds out.”
“Yeah, but I’m gonna stop. I have to.”
Lacey eyed her as she picked at the sandwich that was in front of her. Kacey’s eyes were sad and she looked defeated, and Lacey wasn’t sure why. That was until it dawned on her. “You’ve fallen for him.”
Kacey didn’t even look at her as she slowly nodded. “Yup, like a dumbass.”
“Oh, Kacey,” she said, covering her sister-in-law’s hand with hers. “Let it go before it gets unbearable.”
“I’m going to.”
Before Lacey could say more, her phone rang and she saw that it was her brother. “Oh, excuse me, it’s Grady.”
“Cool, I’ll go in the living room.”
Answering it, she said, “Hold on, Grady.” She then looked at Kacey. “You don’t have to.”
“It’s cool. I’m gonna go be masochistic and keep texting the guy who will never love me back.”
Lacey’s heart sank as she watched Kacey walk away. Letting out a breath, she said into the phone, “Hey, sorry, hey!”
Grady chuckled. “Hey, so I’m calling because I was told to ask you something, and you’re probably not going to like what I have to ask.”
“Ew, what?” she asked, knowing darn well that her dad had probably told Grady to call her.
“Well, Dad is wondering if you and Karson are going to come to his and Sabrina’s wedding in March.”
“It’s in March,” she deadpanned. “Why do I have to answer now?”
“I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t even want to go. I don’t like Sabrina.”
“Who does?”
He laughed. “Exactly, but I figured he is our dad, so we should support him.”
“He doesn’t support me though.”
Grady didn’t say anything for a second and then said, “You’re right, and I completely understand if you don’t want to go. Do you want me to just say no now and save you the deciding?”
She chewed on her lip for a moment as she leaned against the counter. Did she go or not?
When a pair of arms wrapped around her stomach, she melted against her husband and looked at him with a small smile on her lips. Looking at her, his brows drew in and he asked, “What’s wrong?”
“Grady wants to know if we are going to my dad’s wedding.”
Karson stiffened against her, and she knew the answer without his even answering her.
“No, we aren’t going,” she answered, moving her hand up to hold Karson’s face.
“Completely understandable. Don’t even know why I called, really. I knew the answer before I picked up the phone.”
She smiled. “No biggie, always good to hear from you.”