Belong to You

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I laughed because I knew he was right. Sienna had always told me the same thing.
Jack rolled and took me with him, capturing me on top of him, my head fitting perfectly into the hollow of his shoulder. I played with the sprinkle of hair on his chest and thought about asking him more about last night and what had upset him so much, but thought better about ruining another night. Realization suddenly dawned on me that we only had two more days before I left and I had no idea when he was leaving.
“When are you scheduled to leave?” I asked bravely.
“Tomorrow at 7am.” My heart stopped and I raised my head to look up at him. He looked at me with wry curved lips.
“But I am delayed my return flight.” I released a breath that I hadn’t realized that I was holding and he hugged me tightly to his chest.
“When did you delay it to?” I whispered, afraid his answer would only leave us an extra few hours.
“That depends.” His arms hugged me tighter and he kissed the top of my head.
“On how many more days you are here for.”
I lifted my head and propped myself up on my elbow smiling. “You are staying until I leave?”
I threw myself at him, planting baby kisses all over his face.
He laughed and the warm deep sound washed away my reluctance to show him how relieved I was that he was staying.
“So how many more days am I staying?” He asked and I could hear his smile in his voice.
“Two it is then.”
The next morning, I woke and found Jack already awake, watching me. He smiled at me.
“How long have you been awake?” He lifted my hand to his mouth and kissed the palm of my hand. “Not long.”
“Shower?” He asked as I stretched to unwind my body from around his.
“Caffeine.” I responded on a whine.
“Addict?” He caught my earlobe between my teeth.
“Yes.” I responded breathlessly from his one touch. “You?”
“Nope, no coffee, tea or soda.” He stated matter of fact. My head snapped back to him as if he had just admitted that he was a vampire and drank the blood of his vic-tims. Who doesn’t drink caffeine of some type in the morning?
“How do you wake up in the morning then?” I was almost in a cold sweat at the thought of having to start a day without at least two cups of coffee.
“I go to the gym.” Ugh, one of those.
“In the morning?” I asked in an in-credulous tone.
“Yes, as soon as I wake up. I either go to the gym or for a run before I start my day. I take it that isn’t something that you approve of?” He was amused at my response.
“Nothing comes before caffeine in my world.” I overly emphasized the word nothing, to add drama.
He grabbed my ass and pulled me to him, pressing his erection into me. “Nothing huh?” A devilish smile, as he smacked my ass hard. “Go get in the shower, and I’ll order you some coffee and breakfast. Then I’ll show you what comes before caffeine when you’re with me.”
I rubbed my bare ass and rose in protest, making a point of prancing my naked body slowly to the bathroom. Then I turned and stuck out my tongue at him. I heard the smile in his voice as he ordered room service.
Chapter 8
After a long, thoroughly satisfying shower and some much needed caffeine and breakfast, we headed out for the day. Jack wouldn’t tell me where we were headed, only that he was going to show me a few of his favorite places in Hawaii.
I honestly didn’t care where we were headed, Jack had my fingers laced through his as he drove, the wind was in my hair and I had spent the last 24 hours having the best sex of my life. I was a happy girl.
I looked over at Jack driving and he smiled at me. All perfect and beautiful and emanating raw manhood. I smiled back at him and he squeezed my hand. My thoughts ran away from me and I found myself thinking about how good he must look in a business suit with his hair slicked back. He really could model if he wanted to, I could see him with one hand in the pocket of his Christian Dior tuxedo, helping a woman with long legs out of a car in a magazine advertisement.
We pulled onto a gravel road and down a dirt path that led to very tall metal gates. A guard approached and began to ask for some id, until he recognized Jack. “Shit Cole, I didn’t know you were coming. How you been son?”
“Good, Stephan, how is the family?” The two shook hands like old friends, although Stephan was old enough to be Jack’s father. “Stephan, this is Syd, he’s been with us longer than I’ve been around.” Jack laughed and I said smiled and said hello to the man.
“They’re doing great. Does Caleb know you’re coming, or do you want me to call ahead and tell him to get things ready for you?”
“He knows I’m coming, but thanks Stephan. I’ll see you in a few hours.”
“Be careful up there Cole.” The gates opened and Jack started down the dirt road. I could see a large building in the distance. “The way he called you Cole, it sounded like your first name. I thought Cole was your last name?” Jack smiled. “Question number 10 babe. It’s my middle name. I’m a junior and some of my father’s long time business associates started calling me Cole to avoid confusion when I was a kid. It stuck, so to the old timers I’m Cole.”
“Is your father here?” After what he told me about his father, I didn’t think we would be spending the afternoon visiting him.
Jack laughed. “No, he’s not here. If he were, I wouldn’t be on the island. I told you my family owns a lot of different businesses, this is one of them. I come here when I visit and borrow some of their inventory.”
I was confused at what inventory he was planning on borrowing, but quickly became distracted by the low flying helicopter almost directly above our head. The sudden loud noise scared me and I jumped in my seat.
Jack looked amused. “It’s a helicopter launch area babe, I didn’t mean for it to scare you.”
We pulled up to a building and Jack got out and jogged around to open my door. There was something incredibly sexy about a man so demanding in the bedroom, but such a gentlemen outside of it. He grabbed my hand and a man walked to greet us.
Jack shook hands with the man and I smiled. I couldn’t hear what they were saying because of the sound coming from the helicopter that was just landing. I watched in awe as the big machine gently settled on the ground. Jack leaned in close to me and yelled “Are you ready?” over the sound of the nearby helicopter. I shook my head, unsure if I was ready for what was really to come next. Jack grabbed my hand and led me to the helicopter, helping me in the passenger side and handing me a set of earphones, motioning for me to put them on.