Boy Meets Boy

Page 45


The dirt is our dance floor. The stars are our elaborate decoration. We dance with abandon—only the happiness exists for us here. I spin Amber around in a tango, both of us making up the steps as we go along. Tony and Kyle are dancing next to us. Happy. Laughing.
In this space, in this moment, we are who we want to be. I am lucky, because for me that doesn't take that much courage. But for others, it takes a world of bravery to make it to the clearing.
I dance with Noah. Slow songs and fast songs. During the slow songs, more of the unsaid things are understood. Be careful. I'm still learning. You are so beautiful. This is so beautiful. During the fast songs, all those thoughts disappear, and there's the giddy exhilaration of being a part of the crowd, a part of the music, a part of all our differences and all the things we share.
At the next song switch, I hang back. I want to see this as well as be a part of it. I want to remember it for what it is. I am amazed by the love I feel for so many people. I am amazed at the randomness, the comedy, and the faith that brings us all together and makes us hold on. I open myself wide to take it all in. The scene plays out like a rhapsody.
I see trees of green and dresses of white. I see Infinite Darlene whooping for joy as Amber attempts to dip her to the ground. I see Ted cheering them on as he strums an air guitar. I see Kyle and Tony talking quietly together, sharing their words. I see Joni leading Chuck in a slow dance. I see candles in the darkness and a bird against the sky. I see Noah walking over to me, care in his eyes, a blessed smile on his lips.
And I think to myself, What a wonderful world.