Fall With Me

Fall With Me

Rating: 8.7 / 10 from 19 ratings

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Jill Freyss-Charon is just trying to get through the year. After losing her father in a horrific car accident, she is eager to return to her summer job at a horse ranch where she knows everything will be just as it always is each summer.

But when a tanned young man washes up on the beach outside her tent one night, half-drowned and begging to be given shelter until morning, any hope of normality immediately vanishes.

Jill has dated Griffin Alexander's type before, and soon regrets taking him in when he decides to stay on at the ranch. She finds she is repelled by him, and doesn't believe his crazy story about being kidnapped and held to ransom... until three words escape his lips that send her head into a tailspin.

...Three words that threaten to unravel her painful past and bring her closer to this man she is trying to avoid - which will put her in more danger than either realizes.

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