First Rapture

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Madison plunged her fingers into his hair, refusing to allow anything to destroy this perfect, wondrous night.
“That’s it, Madison,” he whispered, his lips moving down the curve of her throat. His hand caressed the soft weight of her breast. “Let yourself go.”
“You make my head spin,” she husked.
“I intend to do more than make your head spin.” Nibbling a path over her collarbone, he slid down to suck a nipple between his teeth. He gently bit, making her gasp as the pleasure/pain jolted through her body. He pressed a soft kiss to the tingling nipple, then slid his mouth downward. “I’ve never wanted a woman as badly as I want you.”
Her heart gave a sharp leap of renegade pleasure at his muttered words before she sternly chastised herself for stupidity. Luc would say anything in bed. It meant nothing.
Instead she focused on the savage pleasure of his touch.
She lifted her hips in a silent invitation. “What are you waiting for?”
“Your body to tell me it’s ready,” he informed her, kissing a path down the center of her stomach. “Pleasure is all about patience.”
Madison rubbed against the hard muscle of his thigh. “Trust me, I’m ready.”
She tugged on his hair, trying to urge him up so she could kiss him. He refused to budge. Lifting his head, he studied her flushed face with a brooding gaze.
“I want to lick your cunt, Madison, until you’re so mindless with need you won’t think of anything but how desperately you want me.”
A violent surge of arousal rushed through her. Odd. She hated when men talked so bluntly about sex.
But then, none of them had been Luc.
Damn him.
Slowly, deliberately Luc slid lower, keeping careful watch on her expression. She shivered at the tenderness that lurked just below his fierce hunger.
He was acting as if he cared about her. Really and truly cared.
She squashed her dangerous reaction to his pretense, instead concentrating on the raw anticipation humming through her body.
He settled between her legs, his hands gripping her inner thighs as he ran his tongue through her cleft. She nearly jerked off the bed at the powerful shock of bliss that exploded through her. God almighty. Her entire body was going up in flames.
“Please, Luc.”
He chuckled, swiping his tongue over her clitoris. “Soon.”
Her toes curled, a delicious pressure building beneath the stroke of his tongue. “You’re tormenting me.”
“Sweet torment,” he muttered, pushing his tongue deep inside her.
Madison made a sound of pure need, her gaze riveted to the sight of him perched between her legs, his tongue fucking her as he watched every flicker of emotion over her face.
She’d never been so turned on.
“Come, Madison,” he growled, pressing his tongue against her swollen clitoris. Instantly, a violent orgasm ripped through her, making her body shake from the force of the raw, explosive pleasure.
She cried out, feeling as if she’d lost touch with the world as he continued to tongue her with a groan of satisfaction.
On and on the climax rolled through her, prolonged by the stroke of his tongue.
Come, indeed. Her head fell back on the pillow, her entire body trembling from the glorious release.
Still, Luc wasn’t done, his tongue dipping in and out of the entrance to her body, swiftly teasing her back toward another climax.
He’d always been an overachiever, she dreamily acknowledged, savoring his expertise.
She hissed as he found her swollen clitoris and gently sucked it, at the same time sinking a finger deep into her body. It was almost too much. The sensual assault beating against her most vulnerable emotions.
He was shattering her, and she wasn’t certain she would be able to put herself back together.
He turned his head to nibble at her inner thigh, his voice a low growl. “You’re protected?”
She nodded. She’d been planning for this night for a very, very long time. “Yes.”
“Good. I don’t want anything between us.” He returned to tormenting her clit, his finger stroking a spot deep inside her that made her pussy flutter with bliss. “I swear I’m clean.”
“Luc…I’m getting close. I want you inside me.”
He gave her one last, lingering suck before he was sliding upward, the hairs of his chest tickling her tightly budded nipples. The sensation made her moan, her hands gripping his shoulders as he reached down to tug her legs apart, his rough urgency sending sparks of excitement down her spine. No man had ever revealed such a raw passion toward her. Was that what made it so thrilling?
Barely able to accept this was more than just another heated dream, Madison kept her gaze glued to the dark beauty of his face. His expression was tight with the strain of leashing his passion, but the stark perfection of his features and the satin ebony of his hair made her heart leap. Then she met the midnight fire of his eyes and she was lost in the power of his need.
The bane of her existence.
“Are you ready?”
She knew what he was asking. He’d given her the sweet rapture of his mouth. Now he intended to fuck her.
“God, yes,” she breathed, sinking her nails into his shoulders as he plunged into her wet pussy with one hard surge of his hips.
She made a sound of shock as his large cock stretched her to the edge of pain. He was so deep she could feel his balls pressed against her ass. She felt invaded. Possessed. God. It was…frighteningly intimate.
As if he’d become a part of her.
Their gazes locked and held as an emotion she couldn’t name wove between them, joining them on a level that had nothing to do with their tense, sweat-drenched bodies.
“Shit, you feel so perfect,” he at last rasped, slowly pulling out of her body before ramming forward with enough force to make her slide up the bed. He studied her flushed face, his body trembling. “Are you okay?”
She nodded, knowing he was desperate to unleash his hunger, but terrified he might frighten her.
“I want you,” she rasped. “Don’t hold back.”
A dark flush stained his cheekbones and he grasped her by her wrists, pinning them above her head.
“Hold on, Madison. You’re about to go for a ride.”
Spreading her legs, he surged forward, impaling her with a fierce, ruthless pace.
She released a shaky groan, her hips lifting to meet his hard thrusts. Pleasure spiked through her as her body easily accepted his savage need. He leaned down to claim her lips in a kiss of sheer possession.
This was how sex was supposed to be.
It wasn’t convenient, or civilized, or a tedious expectation at the end of the night.
It was hot, and raw, and so intense she felt as if her nerves had been stripped and exposed to this man in a way that would bind them forever.
Over and over he shoved his cock deep inside her, his tongue mimicking the hectic pace of his body. Madison wrapped her legs around his pistoning hips, realizing another massive orgasm was rapidly clenching her lower muscles.
“That’s it, Madison,” he muttered against her lips, his body slick against hers as he moved with primitive force. “Let go. I’ve got you.”
She tilted her head back as he moved to press his lips against the pulse that thundered at the base of her throat, his hand slipping between them to press against her clit.
One flick of his finger was all it took to send her vaulting over the edge, the orgasm ripping through her as she cried out his name in stunned pleasure.
Luc struggled to catch his breath, seismic quakes from his orgasm still jolting through his body.
Christ, he hadn’t felt such intense pleasure since…
Since the last time he’d been in bed with Madison, he ruefully acknowledged.
He had no explanation.
He’d been with women during the past eight years, although not as many as people assumed. Once he’d ended his competition for his father’s approval he’d learned that he needed more than just a willing female to stir his libido. But absolutely none of them had been capable of making him feel as if he was connected to them on some level that went way beyond the physical.
Only Madison.
Rolling to the side, he held her tightly in his arms, trying to work up the energy to reach for the phone to call room service.
Tonight deserved a bottle of champagne. The finest the hotel had to offer.
Madison stirred against him and Luc instinctively tightened his arms around her. “God. That was—”
“Sex,” she interrupted his fervent words.
Luc frowned. Was she serious?
“No,” he growled. “Sex doesn’t make the earth move.”
She tensed at his description, almost as if he’d embarrassed her. “So poetic.”
“I have my moments.” He buried his face in the satin softness of her hair, breathing deeply of her sweet, vanilla scent. Instantly he hardened, ready to feel the wet heat of her body wrapped around his thickening erection. Or maybe this time he had the control to actually feel her lips wrap around his cock. “In fact, I feel another moment coming on.”
Allowing his hands to lower, he cupped the smooth curve of her ass, tugging her closer.