Loving Deviant

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lowered to her body. He stepped out of the small cleaning area and into his room. There wasnt much space between the wall and the bunk. He reached for the towel, dropped it on the floor, and his cock lifted. Her heart raced and she knew what he wanted. Hed already told her.
You owe me. I wasnt going to take time to get dry, so I hope you dont mind me in this state.
You saved me.
Im talking about how we got here. You came, didnt you?
She nodded. You were rubbing up against me. I tried to fight it butit felt too good.
Lay back and spread your thighs. Show me.
His husky tone turned her on. She twisted on the bed, scooted until she could lean back and rest her head on his pillow. It smelled like him, masculine and nice. She lifted her thighs, parted them wide, and placed her feet flat along the edges of the bunk. The wall was cool where one of her knees rested.
She couldnt look away from the cyborg who took a seat near the end of the bed. His sole focus was on her sex.
So pink and small, he rasped.
Have you ever seen a woman this way before? She remembered he was a virgin.
Not in person. He leaned over, studying her pussy, and then reached for her.
She shivered when his finger traced her slit. She was really wet, and she sucked in air when his fingertip explored her clit. He paused and his gaze lifted. He arched one eyebrow.
Teach him, she reminded herself. Thats what he wants. Thats the most sensitive spot. She reached down, her fingers spreading her vaginal lips more, and gave him a better view. You want to learn, right?
Yes. His voice came out deeper.
Do you want to learn oral first or just fuck me to know what it feels like?
You look so delicate. Im afraid Ill hurt you.
If you were to just enter me fast and hard without me being turned-on, it would hurt. Youre big, Deviant. She lifted her head and stared at his erect cock. Really big.
His finger lowered to her slit again and tested it by pressing slightly inside her vaginal opening. I wouldnt fit inside you here.
Yes, you will. Were designed to stretch. Feel how wet I am? It helps to ease you inside me.
I want to fuck you.
Okay. She hesitated. Do you mind if Im on top at first?
He pulled away from her and sat up. Teach me how to do this so it feels really good for a female.
Her level of arousal instantly shot up. Most guys would have crawled over her and gone to town, but this guy wanted it to be good for her. She sat up and studied him. Sit back against the wall.
He did, and she couldnt help but get even more aroused by the fact that the big, sexy guy was doing what she told him to do. She had always wanted to try a few things, and suddenly she had a willing, hot man ready to do her bidding. He was damn near perfect.
She got to her knees, bit her lip, and then straddled his thighs, facing away. She saw surprise on his face as she turned her head to stare back at him. His gaze dropped to her ass and desire darkened the color of them. It wasnt her imagination. They slightly changed with his moods.
She reached between them and gripped his thick shaft. He sucked in air and lifted his gaze to hers. I havent read about this position. Is it an Earth one?
Its easier for me to ease onto you if Im on top, to adjust to how big you are, and you can reach me better too if Im facing away from you. Remember my clit? That sensitive spot?
He nodded. Yes.
Im going to lower down on you. Im wet and ready to take you. Hold real still. In other words, dont drive up into me, even if you get the urge. When Im riding you, reach around me and rub my clit. Up and down feels really good, or in circles. Wet your finger first.
His eyebrows arched but he licked his lips. I understand.
She spread her thighs a bit, leaned back so her ass pressed against his firm stomach, and lifted his cock to line up with her pussy. The crown brushed her and she fought back a moan. Excitement hit her at what they were about to do, and she adjusted her hips to