Loving Deviant

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son pirates were too distracted by their conversation.
I know this isnt an ideal situation but youve passed your thirty-fifth year, son. Our females have never considered you for breeding or to join a family unit. The shorter one gripped the slightly bigger, taller mans arm. Youve never had the opportunity to have intercourse.
Whoa! A thirty-five-year-old virgin? Venice winced. She knew most pirates were mutated, had seen footage of their messed-up features on the news, but the son had to look pretty bad for mutant women to refuse to give it up to him. Her gaze darted over him from head to foot. He stood about six and a half feet, the pirate clothes obscuring the skin of his big frame, but he didnt appear misshapen. Just huge. Big-boned and beefy. The poor pirate women were probably afraid hed crush them or something.
Father, I dont wish to do this.
You need to gain experience. Your mother has talked a few of her friends into testing your skills. You will have to really impress them if you want a chance of ever having a family.
I gave that dream up after I realized I was different.
Im sorry. The fathers regret sounded in his voice. I know this is all my fault.
Im undesirable. No woman will ever wish to join with me. They dont want to look at or touch my skin. I appreciate Mother trying to entice her associates into testing me but it wont matter. They find me unattractive since I have imperfections that may be genetically passed to any offspring. I truly believe it will be worse if I learn what has been denied me all this time.
Youre a strong male and are important in our society. Most females would enjoy having a male who could elevate their status.
Be honest, Father. I am realistic about my situation. There are a lot of available males, there is still a shortage of females, and none of them will consider a status upgrade as an equal trade for flawed offspring.
The other man loudly sighed. Please do this. I dont see you as flawed, and some would feel the same once they got to know you. You might become skilled enough to win over a female. A few of them might consider your unused DNA as a benefit.
Fine. The taller one didnt hide his anger as his voice deepened into a near snarl. Ill engage in intercourse with a sex bot. I hope the others dont know about this. Id never live it down.
Most of them also visit the automated brothels unless they are joined inside a family unit. There is no shame.
I bet they had real females first. Im even disgusted with myself. The tall one reached up and yanked off the material that covered his head and face. Are you sure its safe to remove our disguises here?
Venice knew her eyes widened and her lungs burned for air when the guy turned to glance at the doors of the private rooms. She caught a glimpse of his face and his skin stunned her. He was a dark gray hue, almost a charcoal, and no human could appear that way. He sure wasnt a pirate. His features werent mutated or covered in radiation sores. He actually was handsome, with strong facial features, full masculine lips, and his eyes were so blue they seemed illusory.
His side remained to Venice. Silky, beautiful black hair fell down his really broad shoulders. He dropped the hood-type headgear and unfastened the loose shirt he wore, dropping it to reveal the best torso shed ever seen. Her mouth fell open at the sight of his thickly muscled arms and sculpted six-pack abs.
There are no security devices activated. I paid the hostess to lock the entrance doors and she stated no males are inside. I hoped it would put you more at ease if I rented the entire facility while youre using it. No one else will know you were here. Ill stick close while you get acquainted with one of the bots. Just enter a room. They will ask you what you want. The father paused. Take your time. Were not leaving the station until the next shift ends. You have twelve hours.
Twelve hours. Understood. He marched to the first door. Thank you. His begrudging tone belied that statement. Just go. It will make this less embarrassing if you arent here.
Venice sucked air into her starved lungs when the father left the lounge area and the tall, dusky male entered one