Loving Deviant

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sure she was being honest, about broke her heart. She released his hand and stood, straddling his lap.
I mean it, Deviant. I get turned-on just looking at you. Youre perfect. Dont let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Believe me. She trailed her hand up his chest to his shoulder and leaned in. Do you think Im flawed because three of my limbs are add-ons?
He shook his head. No.
Would they think that on your world?
Then fuck them. All that matters is what we thinkand guess what? I want youand I hope you want me.
He wrapped his arms around her waist. Youre perfect to me too, Venice. I want you as well.
She smiled. Were on a bed. Isnt that convenient?
He smiled back. I like the way you think.
I like the way you do everything.
Chapter Five
Venice woke and stretched, the firm, warm body behind her causing her to smile. She rolled over, facing Deviant, who slept on his side. Memories of the evening before almost had her chuckling.
The handsome cyborg had let her ride him once theyd shed their clothing, but then hed tried to get dressed again to go to sleep. Shed refused to let him.
It had stunned him a bit to consider sleeping nude with her, but shed shown him the advantages by roaming her hands all over his chest and lower. That had turned into another bout of sex. He was a fast learner. Deviant might kill her if he got any better at making her have multiple orgasms.
Hey, she whispered. The lighting was dim in the room but she knew the moment his eyes opened. They literally glowed a bit. They were beautiful.
Hi. He blinked a few times. How did you sleep?
Really well. She loved his eyes, couldnt stop staring into them.
His smile faded. Computer, increase lights by ten percent.
The blue of his eyes were still bright but the glowing ceased as the room grew brighter. Why did you do that?
I forgot what happens in dim lighting.
Your eyes are beautiful, Deviant. Computer? Dim the lights by ten percent.
Nothing happened.
Deviant sighed. Computer, dim lights by ten percent. It complied. Sorry. I had to lock voice commands as a precaution. I trust you but it alleviated my fathers worry that youd attempt to contact Earth.
She understood, peering at his eyes again. They really are beautiful. You dont have to hide anything from me.
He grinned. In that case He shifted his body closer, his stiff cock brushing against her belly. I want you again.
Making up for lost time? I have no objections. She reached under the covers, wrapping her fingers gently around his shaft and stroking his erect flesh. Thats the best way to start a morning.
A bell chimed.
That would be my father. He rolled away from her with a sigh, shoved off the covers and stood. Go into the cleansing unit and take these to put on. He crossed the room, opening up a drawer. He tossed her a shirt and shorts, removing a pair of pants for himself.
Venice hurried out of bed and took the clothing with her. She placed them high on a shelf and turned on the unit, first activated the toilet to come out for use, then cleaning her body and brushing her teeth at the same time.
She wondered if Deviants father had contacted his council friends and if things were about to turn bad. What if Deviant was ordered to return her to Darbiss station? It was a grim, terrifying thought. She hurried to finish the cycle and dry off, putting on the borrowed clothing.
Deviant and his father both turned when she stepped out. She forced a smile she didnt feel and nodded to Mavo. A tray of food rested on top of the bed. She was hungry but resisted investigating what hed brought.
Father has contacted his friend Krell to explain the situation. A few of the council members owe him favors. They are going to smooth things over for you to live on Garden with me.
That sounded like good news to Venice. So everything is going to be fine?
Yes. Mavo glanced up and down her body. They will want to medically scan you. It wont be painful. I apologize, but my race isnt trusting of Earthers. I hope you can understand.
I do. Id be leery of telling anyone associated with Earth Government my secrets, too. Theyd put a price on my head and Id have bounty hunters looking for me to take me back.
That will never happen. Deviant inched closer to her. Youre safe now.