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I had been tempted to turn her around and slide back into her, but that feeling stopped cold at those words. She felt me stiffen and lifted her head from my shoulder. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” I tapped her foot. “Release.”
She did and when I started to dress, she frowned at me. She lifted her hands, trying to smooth down her red hair, but wariness filtered in her dark eyes. She stuck her lip out, trying to figure me out. But I kept my face blank. Pulling my jeans on, I left them unzipped and grabbed my shirt. Slipping my feet into my shoes, I headed for the door still holding my shirt. I lifted it in a salute to her. “Thanks for the fun time.”
“Wait.” She scooted forward, making no move to cover herself. Her br**sts were still perked up but she didn’t care.
I grinned. Jenny wasn’t a new kid around the block. She was the head of the drill team and she had a sexual appetite like me. It was there, it liked to be satisfied, but she didn’t pick just any guy. We had hooked up before, but when she brought up Kate’s name, all the shit from the past few months came back. I enjoyed forgetting it, forgetting Kate, forgetting Tate, Logan’s pain, and my family drama. At her one statement about Kate, it opened a door and the real world filtered back in. Getting away for a nice lay had been fun, but the old emptiness took root in me. It knocked inside, reminding me it was there.
I asked, “What?”
“That’s it? You’ve stuck around in the past for another round.”
“Not this time.” I flashed her a half-grin. “Thanks.”
She sighed. “Okay. Just wait. I’ll dress and leave with you.” She stood and reached for her bra, giving me a good view of her tight ass. After she pulled her skirt on, she wiggled her underwear up and grinned. Her bra wasn’t hooked, just pulled over her arms so I knew she left her tits out for one last little dance for me. “Like it?”
“I do.” I grinned. “Don’t people pull their panties on first?”
She laughed. “I don’t know why, but it’s hilarious when someone says panties to me. It’s a thong. It’s what women should be wearing.” She became speculative. “What does Kate wear? Somehow I see her not wearing anything.”
I shook my head. “I’m not stepping into that one.”
She pretended to groan, shaking her head, as she continued to hold my gaze. She reached around, hooked her bra and slipped her shirt over her head, still watching me. Then she licked her lips and drew close to me. Her hands went to my waist and she moved so she was lightly rubbing against me. Her hand went to the front of my pants and cupped me. “I like this guy. He’s welcome any time he wants in my home.”
I smirked down at her, but pulled her shirt down and rubbed my thumb over one of her tips. A slight tremor went through her. I said, “As long as your home remains drama free, my guy will keep that in mind.”
She laughed, and I opened the door. Jenny went out first, running her hands through her hair again, but stopped abruptly. I had lifted to slip my arms through my shirt and bumped into her. Pulling my shirt over my head, I saw the problem.
Kate was there. She was leaning against the other side of the hallway with her arms crossed and a snarl on her mouth. “Really?” There was so much condescension in her tone.
Jenny cried out, “Really? He’s not yours, Kathryn. Get it through your f**king crazy head.”
Kate reacted. Her eyes turned feral and she reached up, grabbed Jenny’s hair, and started to pull her head down.
I didn’t think. I reacted and caught Kate’s arm, stopping her. It happened in the blink of an eye, no warning, nothing. Jenny’s head was two inches from the wall. She hadn’t prepared to fight, but when I held Kate’s arm suspended and she saw what had been about to happen, her eyes got big and she wrestled out of Kate’s hold.
“You’re a f**king psycho!” She leapt at Kate, but I caught her around the waist and held her back.
When Kate looked ready to hit her, I shot a hand out to stop her and warned, “Don’t you f**king dare.”
She moved back with a huff. “You’re going to regret this.”
I wasn’t sure who she was talking to, but Jenny responded first. She laughed, still trying to claw at her. “Are you sure about that? You and your friends are bullies in school, but I’ve got the numbers.”
Kate had moved down the hallway, but stopped. She listened.
Jenny kept going, flicking her off. “I’m the captain of the drill team. Guess how many girls want to be on my squad? Guess how many girls want to be me?”
“Take your fight elsewhere, Kate. You’ll lose against me.”
She struggled against my hold, but Kate had turned the corner. Lowering her to the floor, as soon as her feet were touching, she shoved my arm off her and raked her hands through her hair. Her eyes were wild. “Holy shit, she’s psychotic.”
I frowned. I was realizing just how psychotic she was now.
Jenny shook her head and a hollow laugh came from her. “You have a major problem on your hands. Keep messing around with her and she’s going to get worse and worse. She’s going to do major damage to someone.” She swept a palm over her face, wiping at her eyes. “My god. I can’t believe that just happened.” Then she slashed a hand across her throat. “You and me, no more. I’m not ready to battle that crazy, not for a guy I screw every now and then. If you were my boyfriend, yeah, I might battle her, but not for what you’re offering.” She started down the hallway, but glanced back before turning the corner. “You know that little friend from your class? Heads up, Kate’s got her eyes on her. You know what Kate would do to a sweet girl like that? It wouldn’t be pretty. That’s all I can say.”
Kate was a f**king headache and I had no idea how to defuse her. When I went downstairs, she was outside with her friends. When she saw me coming, she looked ready to bolt, but thought better of it and held her ground.
My patience was up. I wasn’t going to deal with her anymore. Grabbing her arm, I dragged her around the side of the house. There were people there, but I didn’t care. I was fed up. Pushing her against the house, she shoved me back. “Watch it. You wouldn’t want to hurt a girl.”
“Shut up.” I barely touched her and she knew it. “I don’t need to use force to hurt someone. If you push me far enough, I will fight back and it won’t be physically. I’m not that type of guy so do not insult me again.” I stressed my words and let her see the warning in my gaze. It was real. She needed to heed it. I meant what I was about to say.