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I shook my head and straightened away. We were in her car. We’d been at a party and she wanted to hook up so I left with her, but I hadn’t felt in the mood to go back to the party so I had her bring me home instead. I flashed her a grin. “I’m going to head in.” I paused, frowning. “I had fun, though.”
Her eyes narrowed to slits. The daze she’d been in left immediately and she snapped, “Do you even know my name?”
I laughed. “How cliché is that?” I didn’t remember her name, but I knew her reputation. She didn’t sleep around. That was important to me whether I explained that to them or not.
She folded her arms over her chest. “I mean it. What’s my name?”
I rolled my eyes, then tapped her work identification tag that she had hung from her rearview mirror. “You mean it’s not Pam?”
She flushed. “Oh.” Her bottom lip stuck out in a pout. “That’s all I get? A wham bam thank you ma’am thing?”
“What else did you want?”
“How about some protection at school? Do you know what your girlfriend’s going to do to me?”
I snorted. “That’s your problem and she’s not my girlfriend.”
“She’s still sniffing around you.”
Flashing her a cocky smirk, I got out of the car. “I can’t help being irresistible. Thanks for the ride. Both of them.” I heard a groan from her. “God, why he’s so hot—” Then the door was shut and I waved goodbye before heading inside. I had her drop me off in the back so I went inside through the basement. I hadn’t gone far when I heard my dad.
I stopped on the stairs.
It was years later, but it didn’t matter. My stomach still rolled over itself when I heard him bring his women here. It would always churn. This had been my mom’s home. Every time he brought one home, it was like he was spitting on their memory. She had given him the house in the divorce settlement, but f**k that, this was my home. Logan’s home too. But he never cared. As I headed up the stairs, more and more anger built and then I saw them at the door. She was saying goodnight, then laughed as my dad kissed her again. I heard a husky moan next and my jaw tightened. Thank god Logan was still at the party. He’d been getting lippier lately and I knew he would’ve wanted to launch into an attack. As I went up the stairs and through the dining room, past the kitchen, and stood at the end of their hallway, I stopped.
Shit. They were right there. No lights were on and I wasn’t hiding. Her head went back with another moan, exposing her throat, and my dad placed kisses there. Her dress had been pulled down and he was cupping her breast with one hand. As he kissed his way down to her breast, his other pushed her against the wall and she groaned again.
For f**k’s sake. I was going to go upstairs.
“Analise.” James grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her up.
Her legs wound around his and her hands went to his pants. As I watched, she started to undo them and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. A long laugh came out of me. I couldn't stop it. It was harsh and filled with disbelief. They froze and looked over at me.
I kept laughing and pointed at them. “Look at you. You’re about to screw a different one right here in the front doorway. Shit. This couldn’t be any funnier.”
“Mason.” His hair stood up from where she had been running her hands through it. As he dropped her, he moved towards me, shielding her so she could fix her dress.
I gestured to his pants. “Your dick’s out. You might want to readjust, Pops.”
He flinched as I called him that. I rarely called him any name except James to his face. Pops was meant to be condescending. I smirked, knowing that it hit the target.
“Mason, this isn’t—”
“What?” A genuine laugh came now. “What are you going to say? You can screw now, Dad, not that anything stopped you before.”
He sucked in his breath, as if I had punched him, and turned away.
The woman tried to smooth her hair back and plastered a fake smile on her face. “You are?”
I rolled my eyes. I knew this bitch. She’d been sniffing around my dad for a while now. “Don’t play that game.”
“Mason,” my dad hissed at me.
I ignored him. “You’ve been calling him, sending him letters, showing up at his company for a goddamn year. You f**king knew he was married. Don’t act ignorant, not for me. If you want to do it for your sake, go ahead, but it’s a worthless cause. You can’t brainwash yourself into believing you’re not what you are.”
My dad’s head hung down and his shoulders drooped. She was silent behind him. I was waiting. I knew the lengths she could lie. Hell, Logan wanted to sic a private detective on her because this one stuck around. All the others came and went, but this one was sticking like a parasite. Then she stepped around him. Her hair was in place. Her dress was smoothed down. Even her face had lost the dumb-fucked look they always got on their faces. She was cold and as my gaze collided with hers, I saw the crazy mixed with intelligence. That only confirmed my suspicion. She was ruthless and cunning.
My dad was a goner, whether he realized it or not.
She said now, “They’re divorced.”
I grinned. “There you are. Show your true colors. Admit to everything. You don’t have to fool anyone in this room.”
“Mason, stop it.” James stepped forward and took her arm. “Analise, can I have a minute with my son?”
Her eyes flashed at me with hatred, but she murmured to him with a soft smile, “Of course. I’ll be outside.”
Before she went out, her eyes narrowed one last time at me before the door shut behind her. I snorted. “She have a glass in that purse? You know she’s listening through the door.”
“Enough,” he ground out.
I laughed again. “You say that to me? Enough? Really? Am I supposed to walk past you and pretend I didn’t see my dad pressing his latest whore against the wall? Shit, James. We live here, Logan and me. This is our home too.”
His head whipped back. “You will watch how you talk to me. I am still your father—”
I turned away, shaking my head and laughing. “That’s priceless. It really is. You’re as much of a father as you were faithful to Mom. When you’re getting that bitch off, let that simmer in the back of your mind. Hope it brings you pleasure.”