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“Wow.” Sophie looks a little shocked.
“Right? He’s being ridiculous. I don’t have that much time left.”
“Yeah. We graduate in seven months. I don’t have any reason to stay in Philly after that. This is the optimal time window in which to make him fall in love with me.” I pause, thinking. “Honestly, I could not have timed my brother’s wedding any better. It’s happening at the perfect time for me to advance my seduction of Finn.”
“He’s finally single,” I continue on. “I need him to accept us before he finds someone else and I graduate.”
“Accept you?”
“That last girlfriend, just no.” I shake my head. “He has no idea how much he’s going to appreciate me in comparison. I guess I should thank her for that. But I won’t.”
Sophie crosses her legs and leans back on the bench seat. “Well, if anyone has the ability to force someone to fall in love with them, it’d be you, Everly Jensen.”
Three Weeks Ago
I survey the table. Perfect. Everything is set for dinner. Finn’s teaching a freshman-level Economics class right now, but he should be home just a few minutes after the lasagna is done. He loves lasagna. When he was a teenager he used to love staying over for dinner when my mom made lasagna, so I nabbed her recipe when I was home last month for my brother’s wedding.
So the table is set and Mom’s lasagna is in the oven. Laundry’s done and put away. And Steve, our new pet, is happily swimming in his bowl. Steve’s a big fat goldfish. I wanted to get a cat, but I’m not sure Finn’s apartment allows pets. Plus, a cat is really something we should decide on together as a couple. But a goldfish is a nice start. I’ve placed him in the center of the table, kinda like a centerpiece. It’s a little weird, maybe, but I thought he’d make a nice conversation piece over dinner. Finn can help me decide where his bowl should go permanently when he gets home.
Now it’s time to make sure my housewife look is perfect too. I grab my bag and head into Finn’s bathroom. I cleaned that earlier, while the sheets were in the wash. Honestly, I’m so good to him. I pull out the retro apron I ordered on Etsy and tie it around my waist, over my sweater and jeans. The pink and white polka-dot sash is long enough to wrap around my waist and then tie in the front. The vintage floral print below the sash hangs in an A-line style and ends a few inches above my knees.
My hair naturally lends itself to the look I’m going for today. It’s thick and almost black and I’ve styled it with extra volume and huge side swept bangs, like a picture I found of Brigitte Bardot. Next, makeup. I freshen up my face powder and reapply my lipstick. It’s light pink, to match my nails. I know it seems like I’d go for red, but I’m going for a retro sweetheart look today. Plus, I found the perfect pink nail polish to coordinate. I spent forever at the beauty store going through all the pinks. You know how they name the colors? The wrong name can ruin everything. I’m sure of it. So while I liked the shade of Suzi Shops & Island Hops, the name was all wrong. But then I found a pink called Mod About You. Perfect, right? It really sets the tone for the evening.
Next I concentrate on my eyes. I watched a video on YouTube to get it just right, and I copy the look now, exaggerating the black eyeliner over my upper lid, into the perfect 1950’s sex kitten.
I stash all my junk back into my bag and check on the lasagna. It’s a lot of work making lasagna. I can’t say it’s my thing really, but for Finn, it’s worth it. I’ve spent two weeks’ worth of spending money on groceries and the perfect outfit for this evening.