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Evie tried to make up some lost ground. She was losing to the biker bitches, and she was getting more and more pissed off.
“No, it wasn’t imaginary. Razer had to prove she meant nothing to him. Memphis had already tried to kill her twice. We had to make him believe he was in the clear after Bedford was arrested, or he would never have made a clear move against us. We had to have proof he betrayed the club. We couldn’t take someone outside the club’s word as proof without evidence,” Evie explained in front of everyone. Talking club business in front of others was breaking a rule, but they owed Beth an explanation, and she hadn’t given them the opportunity. Truthfully, no one really blamed her, though.
“So, instead, you betrayed Beth. She’s not club, so she didn’t matter,” the bitch threw the explanation back in Evie’s face.
“She matters.” That time, it was Razer who spoke.
“Not enough,” another bitch gave her unwanted opinion. “But I have a question I need answered.” Turning to Beth, she asked, “The one with all the tats, he do anything to hurt you? Because my fingers are dying to see how far down those tats go.”
Shade just stood there, ignoring the woman while keeping his expression bland. He didn’t want that crazy-looking bitch anywhere near his dick.
He was startled at Beth’s defense of him.
“No, he is the best of the bunch. Never saw him laying a hand on the women. Never drunk, didn’t see him at the parties. I have no problem with Shade.”
Shade’s eyes narrowed on Beth when she gave him a saccharine smile. She had told him she would pay him back for stopping her from leaving the house that day. It had taken a while, but she had gotten her revenge.
The Last Riders’ mouths dropped open. Even though they knew she was throwing Shade under the bus, they could tell she believed what she had said.
Natasha couldn’t prevent the laughter bubbling from her throat, and the other women from the club started laughing, too. “Are you serious? He’s the wor—”
“Shut up,” Shade said, his tone promising retribution if one woman spoke another word.
“Damn, you had to go and blow it, telling her to shut up. Don’t let him talk to you that way, bitch. Still, if you fuck as good as you look, I could always tape your mouth shut.” If anyone was going to be taped, it would be her.
Shade was about to break his silence and tell her she couldn’t handle the way he liked to fuck. Her ass would be bright red when he finished with her.
“You aren’t going to be touching nothing of his, bitch. Get on the back of my bike; we are leaving!” a biker behind Ace yelled.
“I’m not going anywhere with you, Joker. We’re going to Beth’s house after we get done here. Sex Piston is going to cut her hair.”

Shade studied the bitches at the table, easily guessing which one was named Sex Piston.
“No, she’s not,” Razer and Beth spoke at the same time.
Throwing a dirty look at Razer, she told her friends, “I was going to make an appointment next week, remember?”
“I’m going to save you the trip,” Sex Piston said, slamming her drink down on the table, which caused what little was left to slosh over the side of the glass.
“She’s going home with me. You’re not touching her hair,” Razer warned.
“I’m not going home with you,” Beth argued.
“Yes, you are,” Razer said between gritted teeth.
“No, I am not.”
“Beth is not going anywhere with you.” The crazy-looking one put her arm across the back of Beth’s chair while the rest of the biker bitches also scooted their chairs closer to Beth.
“Back off,” Evie cautioned.
“Listen to the bitch,” the crazy bitch taunted the men.
“I was talking to you,” Evie said, stepping closer to the woman who was practically sitting on Beth’s lap.
“Evie.” Natasha tried to pull Evie back.
“Who are you?” Sex Piston asked.
“What kind of name is that?”
“I haven’t really been given a nickname yet.”
“You the new member Viper fucked a couple of weeks ago, and you let Beth think it was Razer?”
Natasha flushed, letting Evie’s arm go. “Viper didn’t want anyone to know he was in town.”
“Instead, it was easier to stick a knife in Beth’s back. I can think of several names for you, but first there is something I wanna know, been wondering ever since they walked in the door. He fuck as good as he looks?” She pointed to Viper.
Natasha laughed. “Better.”
“It don’t matter how he fucks; none of you bitches are going to find out. Hell, he’s keeping his own clubhouse of pussy warm; he’s not getting mine. Now get on the fucking bikes!” Ace’s face turned a mottled red.
It was The Last Riders looking at the other club in sympathy as the women just sat at the table, ignoring the men, which finally pushed Ace over the edge.
“That’s it.” Ace moved forward to grab Sex Piston, who threw her glass at him. When he dodged it, he accidently shoved Knox, who shoved back. Taking it as an aggressive move, one of Ace’s men punched Knox. From there, the shit hit the fan.
The two clubs began fighting, taking their frustration with the women out on each other. Beth was almost thrown out of her chair when Evie ripped Crazy Bitch’s arm off her, and the two women began fighting.
Shade knocked one biker back as he swung at him, seeing Beth jump up when Sex Piston grabbed Natasha by the hair and slammed her face on the table.
“Which of these bitches is Bliss? I’m going to take care of her tonight, too,” Shade heard Sex Piston ask.
Shade wondered why they were interested in Bliss.
“Lucky bitch. I’ll have to deal with her later, then.”
He would have to warn Bliss to stay close to the clubhouse. She would be no match against those thugs disguised as women.
When Ace came at him with a vengeful look, Shade snapped out his boot, kicking him in the balls and bringing the asshole to his knees. Cash was fighting off a couple of bikers, so Shade headed toward him when he saw Viper trying to get Winter and her friends out the door. Shade moved forward to help, leaving Cash to deal on his own. One of the women was almost pushed down by a Destructor, but Shade managed to catch her in time, guiding them to the door.
“Get the fuck out of here,” Viper ordered Winter.
“We’re trying to.”
Viper was on one side of the women while he was on the other. His attention on pushing the other women out the door, Shade didn’t have time to react when two of the other bikers he had fought at the gas station came at him. Joker slammed a drink tray into his face.
Shade didn’t know which was more aggravating: the Destructors’ bitches or the brothers who were trying to beat him to a pulp. As he blocked the doorway, preventing the fight from spilling into the parking lot to give Razer time to leave with Beth, who was thrown over his shoulder, the sound of sirens started coming from the other side of the door.
Shade ducked when a bottle of whiskey came flying toward him, crashing against the door. That pissed him off. Barreling forward, he took down three Destructors, pummeling them and not giving them time to regain their senses with him on top of their prone bodies.