Shade's Fall

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“There’s nothing wrong with the one I have,” Lily protested.
“Other than it’s two sizes too big and meant to be worn during the winter, and you left it at home.”
Lily shut up. She was getting tired of losing word battles with him.
“Fine,” she snapped. She could tell that he didn’t like her tone. “I’m sorry,” Lily hastily apologized.
Shade nodded his head, pacified at her apology. “Go outside. I’ll be there in a minute.”
Lily waited outside by the pathway that led up to the house.
Several minutes later, Georgia came out, and her angry stride ate up the distance to her car.
Shade came out of the factory then, locking the door behind him.
“Why is she angry?” Lily asked as she watched Georgia pull out of the parking lot.
“When I leave a message, I expect it to be delivered.”
“Do you always have to be so rude?” Lily knew it was going to be miserable working with the woman from now on. On the other hand, it hadn’t been a bowl of cherries up to now anyway.
“Yes.” She should have known better than to ask; of course, that was his answer.
When they got to the basement, Shade went to a locker in the corner and pulled out some clothes, handing them to her. Lily then went into the bathroom and looked at the clothes. Biting her lip, she looked at the bright purple top and black shorts. This was not going to happen.
Lily opened the bathroom door, coming to a stop when she saw Shade standing outside the door, leaning against the wall.
“Get changed.”
“But I can’t wear these,” Lily protested.
“Get changed.”
She slammed the door.
Pulling off her dress, she pulled on the shorts then the top. The shorts came to the midline of her thighs and clung like a second skin. The top was even worse. It was scoop-necked, showing the tops of her full breasts. There were no sleeves at all; it was a tank and it left her midriff completely bare.
She would never wear something so revealing even to the gym she worked out at in her college town, and it was an all-women’s gym. There was no way she was walking out in front of Shade.
She picked up her dress to change back into it when the door opened and Shade came in.
“What are you doing?” she screeched.
“Let’s go. I don’t have all day.”
Taking her hand, he led her into the other room to the mats. “Start stretching,” he said, releasing her hand.
Lily stood there, unsure what to do next, while Shade began stretching, ignoring her. She gritted her teeth, started stretching out and gradually loosened as Shade ignored her. She was certain that she was over-reacting. This was the same outfit Winter worked out in. She had seen similar ones in her gym on dozens of women.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Shade broke into her musings.
He took her through the movements she had learned last week. She became more adapt at kicking him, making him take a step back. Once she had done that enough to make him happy, he taught her a different move where her knee would actually make contact with him.
“But I’ll hurt you,” Lily protested. She hated the thought of hurting anyone, even Shade.
“Baby, you’re not going to get close enough to my balls to hurt me.” Shade laughed in her face.
Lily’s anger rose and she snapped her knee out, but Shade caught her thigh. The feel of his hand on the inside of her thigh had her taking a step back, her own hand going to the rubber band.
“Remember what I told you about snapping that damn thing in front of me,” Shade warned. Lily wasn’t about to explain why she felt the need to snap the band, so her hands clenched by her side.
“Come on, Lily, quit being such a wimp,” Shade goaded.
Lily’s usually non-existent temper soared. Her knee snapped out and she was gratified to see she almost accomplished her mission. Shade had barely managed to save himself as his hand caught her knee, cupping it from behind. Lily’s weight was off balance. Her hands went to his chest and her head went back as she grinned up at him.
“I almost got you,” Lily bragged.
“Almost doesn’t count.” Shade raised her leg to his hip and Lily found her mound up against his penis. Their workout clothes were too thin between them.
Lily started panicking, her mind filled with terror.
When Shade’s foot came out, sweeping the one she was standing on, she began to fall, landing on her back with Shade on top of her. Her mind began to black out and she opened her mouth to scream. Before a sound could erupt, however, Shade lifted himself off her in one fluid movement. Reaching down, he then snagged her hand and lifted her to her feet.
“Again. This time, I’ll show you how to keep me from sweeping your foot out from under you.”
Lily couldn’t focus, standing numbly.
Shade took her arm, leading her to the corner of the room. “Stand there until you’re ready to continue.” Shade left her.
Without another word, he began to lift weights, ignoring her. Lily tried to get her mind away from the darkness, her hand going to her wrist.
“No, Lily.” Lily was becoming frustrated. Her mind left the darkness and she focused on her anger toward Shade while he worked out with the weights as if she wasn’t in the room.
Lily finally managed to get herself together, her breath leaving her in a shuddering sigh. When her breathing slowed and her mind cleared, she started to take a step out of the corner.
“Don’t come out of the corner until you’re ready to try the move again.”
Lily thought that she would get dressed and go home. Obviously, Shade had other plans. She stayed in the corner, debating it over and over.
She couldn’t stand for him to touch her so intimately. The feel of his body against hers was more than she could take. Her mind in turmoil, she started tracing imaginary designs on the wall, trying to distract herself.
“Hands to your sides, stand up straight.” Lily corrected her posture, hating him, not knowing why she was obeying his demands. Her stubbornness kicked in and Lily eventually decided to simply outwait him. Surely, he would get tired of this and release her.
She was wrong, though. He went to the treadmill and started running. The man was a machine. She didn’t even know men could have that much stamina.
As Lily began getting hungry and her legs were getting tired, she took a step forward out of the corner.
“Go to the mat.” Shade got off the treadmill, keeping her waiting as he took off his shirt, using it to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
He was covered in tattoos. There wasn’t an inch that hadn’t been touched. His lean frame was highlighted by the myriad of tattoos. They gave him a menacing appearance that only fueled Lily’s fear of him.
She looked away as he approached the mat.
“Eyes to me. Are you ready?”
Lily nodded her head, just wanting to get it over with so she could escape.
As soon as he was in position, she attacked, trying to take him by surprise. This time, when he caught her knee and pulled her off balance, before her mind could spaz out again, Shade gave her instructions to keep her balance and her foot from being swept out from under her. Unfortunately, it involved using his shoulders as a way to balance herself. Her hands gripping his hard flesh sought to drive her away from reality again, but Shade’s hands on her hips showed her how to push off from him.