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My fingers tremble as I slide them down my body and lift the hem of my dress. Mystery Guy stares at me, his eyes lusty. He’s wearing only a pair of jeans, and his gorgeous body is on display for me as I lift my dress up and slide it over my head. When I’m in my bra and panties, I watch with burning cheeks as his eyes travel down my body and a low hiss escapes his lips.
“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.”
I flush and cross my arms over my chest. He quickly stands, gently removing them. “Don’t cover up, darlin’. A body like yours should never be hidden.”
“There’s a donut.”
He jerks back and looks down at me in confusion, brows furrowed. “Pardon?”
“A donut, right there.” I point to my belly where it kind of looks like a mini donut around my belly button.
He chuckles and reaches down, stroking a finger over the tiny bit of fat I can never get rid of. “Darlin’, that ain’t a donut. What that is, is fuckin’ real.”
“Real?” I scoff. “Yeah, real fat.”
He grins down at me. “Tell you somethin’ . . . no one wants to fuck a stick.”
I raise my brows. “A stick?”
“Yeah, a stick. You have curves; there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.”
I flush. “Oh.”
“So stop talking and kiss me, because I can’t stand to stare at you one second longer. It’s killing me.”
With a small smile, I step closer until our skin touches. His body is hard, and against mine it feels hot and totally arousing. He reaches around and tangles his fingers into my hair, then he kisses me. It’s slow at first as he coaxes me to get closer to him, pressing my body against his. Then, when his arm is firmly around my waist, that kiss becomes scorching.
I whimper against his mouth as he grinds against me, his denim-clad erection pressing right against my clit. I gasp as the friction creates pleasure, and that pleasure shoots deep into my belly as he rubs against me. He pulls his mouth from mine with a groan and reaches around me, unclipping my bra. He lets it fall and his eyes drop to my aching nipples.
“Going to suck you right there,” he breathes.
His head lowers, but his arm stays around my waist. He captures my nipple between his lips and he sucks it deep. My knees feel as though they’re going to give way and I have to clutch his arms to prevent just that. He sucks and nips until I’m shaking and gasping his name. Then his hand moves down and he takes hold of my panties. His body goes down with them, until he’s on his knees in front of me.
I press my hands over my face, horrified that I’m fully naked and he’s looking right at my sex.
“Hey,” he calls.
I don’t move my hands.
“Look at me.”
I peek through my fingers at him, and he’s looking up at me with a stern expression on his beautiful face. “Drop your hands, darlin’.”
I slowly lower them.
“Do you think you’re not beautiful?”
I swallow and shake my head slowly. I know I’m beautiful. I’ve never been the girl to hate myself. I’ve always appreciated what the good lord gave me.
“Then why are you covering your face?”
“I’ve never had anyone . . .” I swallow and stare down at myself. “. . . see me like this.”
He reaches up, running a finger around my belly button. “Then I consider myself the luckiest fuckin’ man in the world, because you’re gorgeous.”
There’s a good chance I’m going to get a crazy, stalker-like obsession with this man.
“Now,” he murmurs. “I’m going to put my mouth right here.” He strokes a finger over the outer lips of my sex. “Are you good with that?”
I whimper. It’s all I’ve got.
He grins. “I think that’s a yes.”
He takes my hips and pushes me back towards the bed. Gently, I lie back as he takes my knees and spreads them apart. Then, before I have the chance to protest, his mouth is between my legs. My whole body stiffens as he moves his lips softly over my thighs and outer lips before plunging his tongue into my depths. Oh. My. God. I’ve heard about this, I’ve read about this, but never, oh lord never did I ever think it would be so amazing.
His soft tongue is like torture against my clit, and a low burn starts building deep in my belly with every exquisite suck. I arch my back, whimpering and gasping as that burn gets hotter and hotter, until I’m ready to explode. Then he pulls away and a strangled cry escapes my lips. “I’m going to put my fingers inside you; get you ready. You okay with that?”
I nod. I don’t care what he does, as long as he keeps sucking me the way he was.
With a chuckle, he goes back to devouring me, only this time he gently slips a finger inside me. It’s uncomfortable, but not painful. He swirls that finger, stretching and preparing, then he slips another one in, too. I tense and shift as the level of uncomfortable goes up just a touch. He stills his fingers, still sucking my clit, until I’m ready to explode again.
Then he gently begins pumping his fingers in and out of my damp sex. I can feel how wet I am, and I don’t even care. That burn has erupted into fire and I’m hanging on the edge. With one more thrust of his fingers, I come. I come so hard I scream and my world seems to disappear for a small moment. When it comes back, I’m panting and everything inside me feels as if it’s been wrapped in candy and tied with a pretty bow.