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“What’re you two doin’?”
I turn my head towards him, because my body isn’t going to move anytime soon. “I was just, ah, waiting for Blade to finish using the toilet.”
Jack looks to Blade, then back to me.
“You drunk, honey?” he asks me.
“A-a-a-ah,” I stammer. “Maybe.”
He shakes his head. “Blade, stop taunting your sister. I have no doubt you’re making it hard for her to get into the bathroom.”
I blanch.
He just made me come against the wall.
I’m going to chuck.
“Night, Sissy. Sweet dreams,” Blade says in the darkness, and I see a flash of teeth as he grins, then he’s gone.
“You goin’ to go?” Jack says, nodding to the bathroom.
“Ah, yes.”
I push off the wall and rush in, closing the door quickly behind me. Then I press my back to it and close my eyes, rubbing my hands over my face. Well, that wasn’t exactly meant to happen. Jesus, what is wrong with me? I just let my step-brother dry-hump me against the wall. It’s official. I’m going to hell.
Fucking Blade.
“Close your eyes.”
I wrinkle my nose and stare at the covered dishes on the table. “What’s in there?”
Dante—or Mystery Guy—smiles and nods at me. “Close your eyes.”
“Is it oysters? Because I can tell you now that won’t increase my libido.”
He chuckles. “Darlin’, it ain’t oysters.”
“Fine, but if it is, you’re in trouble.”
I close my eyes and listen to the clanking sounds as he removes the silver tops off the dishes. Something amazing washes over my senses and I inhale deeply. Oh. Yum. Whatever it is, it smells delicious.
“Open your mouth.”
I part my lips and a second later he spoons something inside. I groan as I close my mouth and start chewing. It’s steak, that much I’m sure of, but it’s got creamy, garlic sauce all over it. God. Yum.
I part my lips again and he slides in a forkful of roasted potato. We continue this until I’ve eaten the entire meal of steak, potato and green beans. Then he leans over and presses a kiss to my jaw. “Now for dessert.”
“What’s for dessert?” I whisper.
“I’ll give you a taste.”
I part my lips and he slides a strawberry covered in chocolate into my mouth. I groan. Some chocolate slides down my chin and a second later he’s leaning over, sucking it off. My entire body shudders.
“Do you trust me?”
I nod.
“Good. Keep your eyes closed.”
I swallow with anticipation as he helps me stand and leads me over to the bed. He lays me on my back and then he’s pulling my hands up to the bedpost. Whoa.
“What’re you doing?” I breathe.
“Tying you. It won’t be tight and I won’t hurt you.”
I nod. “O-o-kay.”
He ties me gently with the string from our robes and then the bed dips beside me as he settles himself down. It’s quiet for a moment, and I’m not sure what he’s about to do, but then he peels back my robe so I’m naked. My cheeks heat, but I soon forget about that when I feel something warm against my nipple.
Then his mouth is there, sucking it back off.
Oh. God.
I arch up to his lips, but he keeps sucking me slowly. It’s like torture. He continues to pour what I’m guessing is melted chocolate over my skin, sucking it off and tormenting me until I’m thrashing and begging for more. When he reaches my sex, he drizzles the warm liquid between my legs and I gasp in surprise. Then his mouth closes over my clit and he sucks.
Holy shit.
I rasp out a desperate plea as he licks every inch of me, sucking and devouring until I’ve not only come twice but am building up for a third time. Then his body moves off me and he tells me I can open my eyes. I let them flutter open and see he’s standing at the foot of the bed, placing down a bowl filled with melted chocolate. I was right. He lifts a strawberry and dips it in, then he crawls back over the top of me. I see he’s already put a condom on.
He positions himself between my legs and stares down at me, placing the strawberry between my lips. I bite down and the juicy fruit fills my mouth. I moan and bite more. He tosses the little green top away and then leans down, devouring my lips with his. I kiss him hard, wishing I could be released from my restraints so I could tangle my fingers into his hair.
He pushes inside me, never once disconnecting his lips from mine. He fucks me slow, his body moving in and out of mine so fucking sweetly. He stops kissing me, but his lips glide over my face. He kisses my cheeks, nips my earlobe, and then runs his mouth down my neck. With a panted cry, I come around him. He groans loudly and reaches down, taking my hips. He holds onto them as his thrusts become deeper and faster, the sounds of our skin slapping together filling the room. I love that sound.
Then, with a ragged cry, he’s coming, too.
Good god, I think I love this man.
“Oh my god!” Melanie squeals when I tell her what happened last night. “Are you serious?”
I flush, crossing my legs as I look over at her. I’m sitting on her bed. As soon as the sun came up, I charged in here and woke her, needing to tell someone what had happened. She stared at me with wide eyes as I told her what went down, then she squealed with delight.