The Doomsday Conspiracy

Chapter Three


Ottawa, Canada, 2400 Hours
His code name was Janus. He was addressing the twelve men in the heavily guarded room of a military compound.
"As you have all been informed, Operation Doomsday has been activated. There are a number of witnesses who must be found as quickly and as quietly as possible. We are not able to attempt to track them down through regular security channels because of the danger of a leak."
"Who are we using?" The Russian. Huge. Short-tempered.
"His name is Commander Robert Bellamy."
"How was he selected?" The German. Aristocratic. Ruthless.
"The Commander was chosen after a thorough computer search of the files of the CIA, FBI, and a half dozen other security agencies."
"Please, may I inquire what are his qualifications?" The Japanese. Polite. Sly.
"Commander Bellamy is an experienced field officer who speaks six languages fluently and has an exemplary record. Again and again he has proved himself to be very resourceful. He has no living relatives."
"Is he aware of the urgency of this?" The Englishman. Snobbish. Dangerous.
"He is. We have every expectation that he will be able to locate all the witnesses very quickly."
"Does he understand the purpose of his mission?" The Frenchman. Argumentative. Stubborn.
"And when he has found the witnesses?" The Chinese. Clever. Patient.
"He will be suitably rewarded."