Xavier Cold

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“I didn’t think he would, but what other reason would he have to be with her and not explain the situation? I saw her kiss him, and he did nothing to deter my doubting mind from thinking the worst when I confronted him about it.”
“What exactly did he say?”
I sniff as I try to steady my breathing. “That there were some things I didn’t need to know about.”
Quinn twists her lips in an obvious show of questioning thought. “Do you trust him?”
“Yes, but sometimes, it’s hard because of all the secrets he keeps from me. He rarely opens up about himself, and I’m always left with millions of questions that he refuses to answer. Seeing what I did just now . . . it shakes my faith in our relationship. What in the hell will he be doing behind my back when I’m on the road? Now, I know I’ll worry the entire time.”
“Then, you need to tell him that. Honesty in a relationship is always the best policy. Trust me on that one. It took me and Brock a while to get on the same page, but now that we’re there, things are so much better.”
“That’s easier said than done, Quinn. Xavier doesn’t like talking about his past. He gets angry whenever the subject comes up. He . . .” I hesitate for a moment, but I decide that a little insight into Xavier’s past won’t hurt. “Xavier really had it rough as a kid. The things he’s told me—they break my heart. If he keeps that to himself, what else will he keep from me?”
She’s quiet for a moment and then says, “You need to talk to him, tell him how you feel.”
Tears streak down my face. “What if he refuses to open up and come clean about why he was with that girl?”
She frowns. “If he can’t give you complete honesty, as much as it hurts, it might be time to face the possibility that Xavier isn’t the right man for you.”
My heart squeezes as the reality of her words hit me full force. As much as I don’t want that to happen, I know Quinn has a point. I can’t live my life going through pain like this because Xavier refuses to let me into what’s going on with both his past and present issues.
One thing is clear. Xavier and I need to deal with this issue before it completely tears us apart.
Chapter 15
Sitting at the bar at Larry’s, Bar and Grill is actually a pleasant experience now that Alice is gone. Most of the booths are full, which is great because Quinn can use every spare penny she can come up with to help her finance the wedding.
Since I was here last, Tyler has moved up from fry cook to bartender. Brock misses him in the kitchen, but Tyler has been smiling all evening, and the customers really seem to enjoy him waiting on them.
“You want another drink, Anna?” Tyler asks as he wipes down the counter next to me.
I stare down at the nearly empty glass in front of me, seeing I only have a few good drinks left. “Yes, please. It’s delicious.”
Tyler grins. “I might have to cut you off soon.”
“Why?” I ask, completely confused. “I love this fruity Sex on the Bay.”
“You mean, Sex on the Beach?” My mistake earns a little chuckle from him. “You’re getting lit. You’ve definitely reached your cutoff point. Andy will have my ass if I allow you to get too drunk, sitting out here.”
“Andy won’t care. I’m a paying customer now.” I wave him off and accidentally knock over my glass. I grimace when I see the mess I just made. “Oops. Sorry.”
I attempt to reach for the glass, but Tyler is much quicker to grab it.
He then blots up the spilled liquid. “I think we should hold off on that last drink and maybe try some food.”
I sigh, completely deflated that I’m not getting another drink. “Okay. I’ll take a hamburger.”
“You got it.” Tyler works on punching my order into the computer.
I glance over to Quinn, who is busy flirting with Brock through the window where the orders are sitting, waiting to be picked up by the servers.
They are adorable together, really in love, and if it weren’t for worrying about embarrassing Quinn in front of a roomful of customers, I would call them out for being so darn cute.
Quinn notices me watching the two of them and quirks an eyebrow before she stops beside the bar. “Hey there, cuz. Looks like you’re in a better mood.”
“I am.” I grin and then reach for my glass. My bottom lip pokes out a bit when I realize it’s empty. “There might be something to this drinking thing. I can’t stop smiling.”
She turns to Tyler. “How many have you given her?”
He flings a dish towel over his shoulder and then runs his hand through his thick blond hair. “She just finished her sixth.”
“Six? Damn it, Tyler. I said loosen her up a bit, not fuck her up. She won’t be able to walk out of here if you give her any more.”
Tyler defensively holds his hands up. “Hey, that’s only two drinks an hour. I think I’ve paced her pretty well.”
“That’s an acceptable pace for someone who’s used to drinking.” Quinn sighs. “Anna doesn’t drink. Last time I took her out, two drinks had her feeling pretty good.”
“Hey,” I interrupt before a hiccup slips out. “I think I’m doing fine. I only had one little accident when I knocked over that glass.”
Quinn pats my arm. “I know, but you haven’t tried to stand up in a while, and when you do, all the liquor is going to hit you. I want you to sit here for the next thirty minutes while I finish my shift, and then we’ll go home.”
I raise my hand and flick my thumb up. “You got it. I’ll stay right here.”
“Okay.” She snickers and instructs Tyler to watch me and try to sober me up.
A coffee is placed in front of me, and I glance up at Tyler, wearing a frown. “I don’t really like black coffee. Do you have iced coffee?”
He shakes his head and then lays a spoon and four creamers next to my cup. “That’s about the closest you’ll get to sweetened coffee around here.”
I open the creamers and dump them in my cup. “You’re so nice, Tyler.”
A bashful smile spreads across his face as red creeps into his cheeks. “So are you.” He’s quiet for a few moments and then asks, “Are you still seeing Phenomenal X?”
I raise my brow. “You know who he is?”