Xavier Cold

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For the first time since the chaos of the day began, Xavier smiles, but it’s not just any smile. It’s the heart-stopping one-sided smirk that drives me out of my ever-loving mind.
“Have I turned my good girl naughty?”
I give him my best wicked grin. “Afraid so. I can’t seem to get enough of you.”
His large hands cradle my face. “Glad to hear it because I’m fucking addicted to you.”
His lips press on mine, and I’m immediately lost in his kiss. The stubble on his face scratches my fingertips as I trace his jawline.
“I need you.”
A wicked gleam is in his eyes. “Is that so?”
Xavier bends down and nips my lower lip. “You don’t know how much it turns me on when you ask for it. It takes every ounce of willpower in my body to stop myself from throwing you down on that bed and ravaging every inch of your body for my pleasure.”
At the very thought of what that would be like, my pulse races under my skin. “What’s stopping you?”
“You’re too sweet for that.” He leans in and runs his nose along my cheek, causing my entire body to quiver with anticipation. “And because you’re not ready to go there—to allow me to have full control—yet.”
“How do you know?” I take a deep breath as my chest heaves. “You don’t always have to be gentle with me, Xavier. If you want me, then take me. I want to please you.”
Heat from his parted lips brushes against the sensitive skin on my neck, causing my toes curl. It’s amazing how turned on this man can make me with a few simple touches and naughty promises of pleasure. No one else has ever made me feel this way.
“You sure about that, beautiful?” His eyes are hooded with desire.
“Yes.” I slide my hand under his shirt, allowing my fingertips to dance across the toned muscles in his abdomen. “Don’t hold back.”
That seems to be all the permission he needs because his touch shifts from gentle to demanding in a flash.
His fingers thread in my hair as he pins my head in place so that he can crush his lips to mine. His slick tongue glides over my lips, begging for entrance. I open my mouth, and he thrusts his tongue inside, a low growl emitting from his throat.
To know he’s enjoying this kiss as much as I am makes my sex clench.
“I need you naked.” Xavier’s fingers find the hem of my shirt, his pinkie grazing the bare skin along my side, before he whips it over my head with more grace than should be allowed for such a big man. The pads of his fingers caress the mound of flesh spilling out of the cup of my bra before he reaches behind me and unhooks it with ease.
I expect him to work on removing the bra straps, but he instead grabs the backs of my thighs and picks me up. His long hair twists between my fingers as all the playfulness leaves his face, and things turn serious while his eyes search mine.
Xavier slowly rakes his teeth over his bottom lip in a deliberately sexy manner. “I love you so fucking much, Anna. Don’t ever leave me.”
He presses his lips to mine, so tender that it almost feels hesitant. “You can stop me at any time.”
Before I can question what he means, a shriek escapes me as he tosses me onto the edge of the bed. I bounce against the mattress, and Xavier immediately climbs on top of me. He kisses me fiercely, and it’s obvious that our talking session is now over. He removes the white lacy fabric from my chest and then wraps his mouth around the taut pink flesh standing at full attention before him.
A tingle passes all the way down to my toes as he nibbles on one nipple and then moves on to the other. I tug his long hair as he works on popping the button of my jeans, and then he unzips them, like I’m a Christmas present he can’t wait to unwrap.
“I want to taste you,” he whispers against my skin before his tongue darts out and swirls around my nipple. “I want to suck your clit until you come all over my tongue.”
Oh my.
My stomach flutters as that dirty-talking mouth of his comes at me in full force, telling me exactly what he wants to do with me.
He drags my pants along with my panties over my hips, leaving me naked before him. The thing about being naked in front of Xavier is, I never feel like I’m being judged, only appreciated and admired. He takes a moment for his eyes to gaze over my nude flesh. He pulls his shirt over his head, making his hair look even sexier than before—if that’s even possible—and then he kicks off his boots before dropping his pants and boxer briefs to the floor, like he can’t stand them between us anymore.
He climbs back on top of me, and I writhe below him.
“I need a little taste, Anna. You’re going to come a lot tonight, and I won’t apologize for it, so I hope you meant what you said because there will be no holding back on my end.”
“Anything you want, take it. It’s all yours.”
Damn if he doesn’t know what to say to me to get me to agree to anything he wants.
A smile flashes across his face before he pushes off me, grabs my hips, and flips me onto my stomach without any warning. The next thing I know, my ass is being yanked up into the air, and Xavier’s tongue is drilling into my pussy from behind. My eyes roll back the moment the warmth of his mouth is on me. My legs instinctually open wider, giving him better access. He works my clit , driving me into a frenzy while his nose moves around my entrance, stimulating every inch of my folds. It doesn’t take long before I’m crumpling the sheets in my fists while I teeter on the brink of ecstasy.
“Oh God, Xavier, I’m coming already. Ohhhh!” The cry that comes out of me could rival the most seasoned porn star as an orgasm rips through me.
He’s never made me come that fast before. Usually, he takes his time with me, but tonight, he’s doing what he said he was going to do—ravage me.
He slows his assault down and licks me one final time before he turns me back over.
He crawls on top of me and kisses my lips, allowing me to taste myself on him. “See how good you are? So sweet. I’ll never have my fill of you.”
I cradle his cheek in my hand. “And I’ll never want you to. I want you—always.”
“Don’t worry. There’s no way you’re getting rid of me now. Like I told you before, this shit is fucking permanent.”
“Good,” I whisper against his lips as he circles his hips to coat his cock in my wetness.