Xavier Cold

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“And how does this involve you?” he questions.
“I’d like to help train him, but in order to do that, I need to get my formal suspension removed so I can come back into the areas Tension will be.”
Chip’s quiet for a few moments, but then the sound of a rush of air hits the phone. “All right, I’ll make it happen, but, X, I’m sticking my neck out here, so this kid better be worth it.”
“Thanks, Chip. I appreciate it. I’ll have him at the next show in Portland.” I grin as I hit the button to end the call.
I turn to where Corey and Cole sit on the edge of the ring, waiting for me to give them the verdict.
Corey leans forward, every inch of him anxious to hear the news. “Well? What’d he say?”
My mouth pulls up into a one-sided grin, and I can’t hide how fucking happy the news makes me. “Pack your bags, asshole. We’re going to Portland.”
Corey pumps his fist in the air before he runs over and throws his arms around me in a huge bear hug. “Thank you. This would’ve never happened without you. I promise to make you proud.”
It feels good to help him this way. I see a lot of myself in Corey, and if it hadn’t been for people helping me out in this fucked-up world, I would probably be dead by now.
I thump him on the back just before he releases me. “I know you will.”
Everything from the plane ride to being in a taxi is a new experience for Corey. The kid’s never been out of Detroit, so every little fucking thing amazes the kid. I swear to God he would be poking his head out the window like an excited dog if I would allow it.
“Wow, look at how fucking green it is here,” Corey says as he stares out the window of the cab. “All you see in Detroit is concrete and garbage.”
I’ve traveled the world with Tension, but it was only about ten years ago when everything amazed me too, so I let the kid have his moment.
We pull up to a motel about fifteen blocks away from the place where all the other talent is staying and get out of the cab. Staying in a run-down dive won’t bother Corey in the slightest because he lives much rougher than this, but it’s hard for me to go back to the roach motels after growing accustomed to the finer hotels in the city.
We check in and toss our bags in the room so we can walk down to the other hotel and catch a ride over to the arena where Tuesday Tension will be tonight.
When we walk up to the hotel, I spot the black Escalade that usually drives me around. I nudge Corey’s arm and point at it, pointing out which one we need to get in. “There’s Tension’s shuttle.”
I walk over and tap the glass, and Tim, the heavyset man with a mustache unlocks the vehicle, allowing me to slide into the back.
“Hello, X,” Deena’s voice purrs next to me. “I didn’t know you were back already.”
The muscles in my back tense, and I hop out of the backseat, wanting as far away from her as possible.
There’s no way in hell I’m sitting next to that vindictive bitch.
Corey tilts his head and I jerk my thumb over my shoulder as I open the front passenger door. “You take the back.”
Corey shrugs and gets in, having no idea that he’s about to sit next to a fucking dragon.
I slam the door a little harder than I mean to, and then the vehicle begins to move, taking us in the direction of the arena.
“And who might you be?” Deena asks, and I resist the urge to tell her none of her damn business and to keep her hooks out of the kid.
“Corey Trulove,” he answers proudly, and I can tell without even seeing his face that he’s grinning.
“That’s cute,” she tells him in the fake, flirty tone she once used on me.
Deena has a killer body, and until you get to know the true evil that lives inside her, she has a way of fooling people to believe she’s actually a pleasant human being to be around.
The Escalade pulls up to the back door and I get out of the SUV as fast as I can, wanting distance between Deena and me before I snap on her bitch ass.
Freddy grins when he notices me. “What’s up, X? I saw your name on the roster today. I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay gone too long. It’s good to see you. Rex is about to get on my last damn nerve bragging on how he’s taking the belt from Brian, and now that you’re here, hopefully he’ll shut his damn mouth.”
I laugh. “Don’t even trip, Freddy. Rex may have the belt for a minute, but you know I’ll be coming for his ass as soon as I’m allowed back in that ring. I didn’t quite get to finish the job last time.”
“We’ll see about that,” Deena cuts in as she passes by Freddy and me with a wicked smile as she makes her way inside the building.
“She’s such a fucking bitch,” I mutter when the door closes behind her. “Why in the fuck did I ever mess around with that?”
“Beats me,” Freddy answers. “No piece of ass is worth her shit.”
God is he ever fucking right about that. She’s been nothing but a fucking headache since I slipped her my dick.
“Yo? You tapped that?” Corey asks as he flanks my side with an expression of awe on his face. “Bro, she’s a fucking ten.”
I lift one eyebrow. “Easy, kid. That one may look good, but her bite is pure venom. Stay far away from that one.”
Corey nods with a suddenly serious expression on his face. It’s nice to see he takes my words as gospel. While I have his attention, I feel an introduction is in order. “Kid, this is Freddy, the eyes of Tension. He knows everyone and he’s an excellent judge of character. Freddy, meet Corey Trulove.”
Freddy chuckles as he shakes Corey’s hand. “I’m only about ninety percent right when it comes to people. Occasionally, I misjudge young punks from Detroit calling themselves Phenomenal X. I had that guy pegged as a douchebag, and he proved me wrong.”
I laugh. “Ninety percent? You admitting Rex was your other mistake when you told me he was a good guy?”
“He was until he got so hung up on having the world champion attached to his name.”
I shake my head as I remember when I actually considered Rex to be a friend—until he started playing dirty, and cheating his way through matches. “He changed big time, which is why I owe him another ass-kicking to bring him down a couple of notches.”
“Careful, X,” Freddy warns. “Don’t go fucking up your career. Mr. Silverman may have pulled some strings to make shit disappear for you once. I highly doubt he does it again. He’s not exactly known for being the forgiving type.”