Xavier Cold

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Chapter 30
Anna comes from the female dressing room wearing the tight stage outfit I’ve seen her in as of late. I’ve never seen it up close, but I appreciate the way it hugs every curve of her body, and the way that cupcake is sparkling under the word sweets has me thinking what I would like to do to that sweet body of hers.
I wrap my arms around her. “Damn, beautiful. You’re smoking hot. I’d like a little taste of your cupcakes.”
She giggles as I kiss her lips. “You are so bad.”
“Cut the shit,” Rex snaps. “It’s time to head out to the ring.”
I lift my chin and force myself to bite my tongue. I’m so close to getting everything I want. I will not allow this shit-stain to push my buttons.
Rex tosses the belt over his shoulder as he stares me down. “Come on, Anna. Let’s give the fans a show.”
Anna’s muscles tense as I still hold her in my arms like she’s unsure of what’s about to happen. I don’t want her stressed, so I have to show her that I’m cool.
I pat her butt. “Go ahead. It’s time to put an end to the time he’s had you by his side.”
“Okay,” she whispers and then gives me a quick kiss.
Anna leaves us, and Rex smirks at me one last time before he takes off after her.
Never in a million fucking years did I ever think I would be stuck backstage, sitting sideline, while my woman is made to parade around on national television with another fucking man. My nostrils flare as Rex escorts Anna out to the ring with Deena on his other side. The cocky grin on the bastard’s face tells me how much enjoyment he’s getting out of this moment, knowing I’m sitting back here seething.
Rex sits on the ropes, allowing the girls to slip inside.
He smirks as he leans against the ropes casually and stares into the camera. “Well, all you people here in Portland tonight are in for a treat. Phenomenal X is back in the building, and I’ve decided I’m ready for that rematch tonight.”
The crowd goes nuts, and begins shouting my name over and over, “X! X! X! X . . .”
Those cheering for me remind me that even though I don’t have the belt, I’m the people’s champion. I have to find ways to curve my rage and earn the championship to make them proud.
“Shut up! All of you! X isn’t here. I’m here! I’m the one who matters!” Rex shouts at the crowd.
The fans continue to support me, and Rex’s expression turns dark. It’s not hard to tell it’s pissing him off that the fans aren’t behind him.
Without warning he grabs Anna, dips her back and presses his lips to hers. I growl and instinctually curl my fists as I jump up to my feet. “I’m going to kill that fucker.”
Anna pounds her fists into his chest until he finally releases her. Her eyes narrow and she pulls her hand back and smacks the shit out of Rex’s face. His head snaps sideways and he rubs his cheek as Anna slides out of the ring.
A collective sound of “oohs” come from the crowd and then they immediately launch into chanting ‘Anna’ but she doesn’t seem to notice because she’s so focused on getting backstage.
Brian shakes his head as he stands next to me. “What a dick. He loves getting under your skin.”
“I’m convinced he has a death wish,” Freddy chimes in.
I stand near the curtain, and when Anna pushes through them, her face is red.
I reach for her, but she shakes her head. “I need a minute. I have to find something to bleach slime ball off my lips.”
I hold my hands up, knowing what it’s like to need a moment of privacy when something pisses me off. “I’ll wait for you right here.”
Deena’s throaty laugh floats through the curtain just before her and Rex waltz through it. The moment they make eye contact with me, they both smirk.
My instinct is to launch into Rex and tear him a new asshole, but I promised Anna I would learn to control my temper, and I’m going to do my best to keep that promise.
I roll my eyes. “You two are pathetic.”
Rex touches his bottom lip gingerly. “Her lips were so soft. No wonder that pussy of hers had you ready to throw away your career. I bet it’s just as smooth and silky.”
I lunge forward, but Freddy grabs me from behind. “Don’t, X. He’s baiting you, trying to get you to fuck up again.”
My jaw muscle flexes as my mind runs through how this scenario played out last time and I was the loser in the situation. I won’t allow him to fuck this up for me.
Rex smirks and adjusts the belt on his shoulders. “See you in the ring, asshole.”
“Count on it, motherfucker.” My nostrils flare and I take a deep breath in an attempt to calm myself down.
This learning to control my temper thing is a lot of fucking work. It’s way harder than simply punching the object of your rage square in the motherfucking face.
A sarcastic laugh bubbles out of Rex as he turns and walks away from me.
Once he’s out of sight, Freddy slowly releases me. “When is that asshole going to learn to stop poking the bear? One of these days I won’t be around to save his ungrateful ass.”
“He needs to back the fuck off me.” I smooth my hair back out of my face. “I’m really trying to turn things around and keep my shit in check.”
“That’s good because you’re about to be champ—the rightful one. Don’t fuck shit up again and allow him to come between you and that belt. It’s yours for the taking. All you have to do is keep your head in the game and your ass out of trouble.”
“I’m working on it, Freddy. Believe me.”
The last thing I want to do is fuck up my livelihood again, especially now with a baby on the way.
I will be the champ.
I will make my dream come true.
Tonight I will remain in control.
Chapter 31
Xavier’s head hangs down, his long hair falling around his face like a curtain as he stares absently at his hands. He flexes his fingers in and out causing the toned muscle of his arms to work beneath his tattooed skin.
This match is the biggest of his life, both in the professional career and his personal struggle to reinvent himself by controlling his temper.
He walked away from Rex’s taunts, which was a huge deal for him. Xavier has never been known for turning the other cheek when he’s angry.