All I Want

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And I’d been way the hell turned on.
Then, by some fucking miracle, she’d turned out to be Ben’s sister. I’d almost lunged at her right then. I’d almost pulled her into my arms and crashed my mouth against hers, needing to taste the sweetness I knew was there, but also the bite, because she fucking had it. Instead, I’d held my hand out for her to take and she’d looked down at it, smirked, and walked away with a smile that had made my dick harden.
That, right there, had pulled me in.
She wasn’t like every other girl. She wasn’t going to let me sit back and wait for her to make that first move. She was going to make me work for it. And I’d never worked for it. I knew she’d fight me. Hell, I’d wanted a fucking challenge. I’d given Ben a look, a look I didn’t need to explain, and he’d laughed, and given me two words: “Good luck.” He’d known what I was going up against. I’d had no idea how difficult it was going to be. But fuck, I’d never wanted anything more than her.
Tessa Kelly. If I’d have known the shit she was going to put me through, I wouldn’t have bothered. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.
She’d ended it. She’d been dishonest with me. She’d fucked up everything we had. And now I was on my way to a co-ed baby shower where I wouldn’t be able to avoid her. Where I knew for a fact that I’d once again be caught up in her and nothing else.
Who the fuck throws a co-ed baby shower? Isn’t that usually just for chicks?
I pull up to Ben’s parents’ house and park around back. I try to ignore the throbbing anxiety that is coursing through me as I get out of my truck and walk toward the pool. There are balloons everywhere, all blue and green, and Nolan is running around like a mad man with his sword slicing the air.
“Uncle Wuke!” He wraps his arms around my legs and squeezes me with all his might. “Look at all dees balloons!”
I reach down and rustle his hair after he lets me out of his death grip. “You should try to pop them with your sword.”
He smiles wide and runs over to a bunch of them that are tied to the food table, and then he begins to stab at them with great enthusiasm.
I love that kid.
I nod a greeting at Ben’s dad, who is standing with a few other men next to a table of food, before my eyes begin scanning the crowd.
I find Tessa immediately, like I’m fucking drawn to her or something, and I allow myself a glance. And that glance turns into a stare. Her back is to me as she arranges the presents on a table near the lawn chairs. I look down at the gift bag I’m carrying, full of shit that I randomly picked off Mia’s baby registry. And before I realize the direction I’m headed, or the fact that I haven’t stopped walking, I’m by Tessa’s side at the table.

I take note of her organization, which makes absolutely no sense to me, and I’m suddenly annoyed.
“You should put the taller gifts in the back. That way they don’t obstruct the view of the smaller gifts.”
She turns to me with wide eyes, sucks in a sharp breath, and then tenses all over as a scowl settles on her lips. I know she’s about to hit me with some smartass remark, but my dick is too busy appreciating the sight of her to prepare myself for it.
Those eyes that could will me to do just about anything. Her full, wet mouth and the way I know it looks formed around my cock. And that fucking body that is barely covered up in a bikini top and shorts.
A pool party baby shower? Thanks a lot for intensifying my struggles, Ben.
She leans in, narrowing her eyes and causing me to snap out of my fanatical gazing. I blink rapidly before she speaks.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I hadn’t realized the gift police were here.” She reaches out and snatches the bag out of my hand. “I’ll arrange the gifts how I want to arrange them. The bigger gifts will be easier for Mia to reach in her chair, and I’ll hand her everything else.” She motions with her free hand toward the decorated patio chair that is reserved for Mia. Dropping my gift onto the table, she continues moving the packages around. “Why the hell am I explaining myself to you? Go away.”
“Do you always have to be such a bitch? I’m just offering my opinion.” And I’d prefer it if you didn’t make my dick hard right now.
She puts her hand on her hip and tilts her head, her lips curling into a forced smile. “What can I say, Luke? You bring out the inner bitch in me. It must be the giant ass-hat ego you have that sets me off.”
Just as I’m about to respond, the sliding glass door opens and Mia walks out with Ben following closely behind her. They both register the irritation on my and Tessa’s faces, and come walking over to us.
Mia wraps her arms around me, barely making it with her huge pregnant belly getting in the way. “Hey. I’m so glad you could make it.” She lets go and Ben slaps me on the shoulder after I release his wife.
“Yeah, of course. Wouldn’t miss it.”
Tessa snorts and puts her back to the table, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Hey, buddy. Don’t poke at the balloons like that. You’re going to pop them,” Ben directs across the pool at Nolan. I turn my head and keep my smile hidden.
“Oh, he’s okay, babe. I got all of them for him anyway,”
Ben turns and leans down so that his forehead is resting against Mia’s. “Have I told you how beautiful you are today? Or how fucking perfect you are?”
Tessa throws her head back with an exhaustive sigh just as Mia tilts her head up to kiss Ben.
Tessa clears her throat. “Mia, did I mention I have a date with an insanely hot guy next weekend? The one I had that ah-mazing texting session with?”
Fuck. Is she really going to try and make me jealous right now? Why the hell didn’t I bring some random girl to this shit?
Mia looks from Ben back to Tessa, her brows pinched together. “Um, yeah. We just talked about it, like twenty minutes ago.” Tessa exaggerates her stare and Mia’s mouth spreads into a knowing smile. “Oh, umm, no. You didn’t. Tell us all about it.”
Tessa grins and glances briefly over at me to make sure I’m listening. And I am, unfortunately. I want to walk away from this but I can’t.
“Well, his name is Tyler, and he’s a gorgeous bartender from White Hall. I figured I’d bring him to the bonfire on Saturday night and then—” Her eyes flick toward mine and she holds my stare, “—who knows? He might just get lucky.”
My hands curl into fists at my side. I wasn’t planning on going to the bonfire next weekend, but I’m fucking going now.
Ben laughs and turns to me. “You want a beer?”
I relax, grabbing my gift bag and putting it near the back of the table, where it fucking belongs. Tessa scowls before rearranging it.
I nod toward Ben. “Yeah, sure. I’ll tell you all about the girl I fucked last night.” I watch as an obvious distaste for what I’ve just made up spreads across Tessa’s face before I turn away from her and follow Ben inside the house.
“Jesus, man. After a year, I thought the hostility between you two would’ve died down a little,” Ben says over his shoulder. He walks into the kitchen where Mrs. Kelly is chopping up vegetables with Reed. I can’t help but laugh.
“Where’s your apron, Reed?” I ask.