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I shook my head.  “Fuck, we’re gonna be here for another hour, aren’t we?”
She held up a paint chip.  “This one, J.  And I’m not doing any of the work when you blow my mind.  This one’s all on you.”
I grabbed the chip out of her hand and headed towards the paint counter.  My cock was so hard right now and I figured I could have her under me within fifteen minutes if the dude at the counter hurried his shit up.
Five hours later, Madison stood surveying the newly painted wall in our lounge room.  The look on her face said it all.  Finally, she turned to me with a grimace.  “I don’t like it.”
I slowly nodded my head.  “Yeah, I can tell.”
“I’m sorry.”
“All good, babe.  You think the other colour would be better?”
“Yes, this one is too dark for the room.  I thought it would be okay, but now I think the other colour won’t be so dark.  Do you mind if we repaint it?  I know I’m being a pain.”
I smirked at her.  “Can I have that in writing?  The bit about you being a pain.”
She poked her tongue out at me, and I moved closer to her so I could pull her to me.  Lowering my face to hers, I lightly kissed her lips and then said, “You would bore me to tears if you weren’t you.  I fucking dreamt of your pain in the ass ways while I was away.”
I knew I’d said the right thing when she flashed a huge smile at me and replied, “That’s biker talk for ‘I love you’, isn’t it?”
I smacked her on the ass.  “Yeah, sweetheart.  Now, let’s clean this shit up in here.  I’ll go to the hardware tomorrow and pick up the other paint.  That okay with you?”
“That’s great.  Thank you.”
She blasted me with another smile before she started cleaning up.  Guilt sliced through me as I thought of the stuff I was keeping from her, about her father and what I’d done in Adelaide.  This type of shit never bothered me before; I’d never had a problem separating club stuff and Madison, but for some reason, it was always on my mind now.  As was the guilt that went with it.
“On second thoughts, I’ll clean this up.  You go and have a shower.  I’m taking you out tonight,” I said, and she continued blasting me with that smile before finally leaving me to clean up and stew on my guilt.
“J, what movie do you want to see tonight?” Madison called out from the bedroom a couple of hours later.
I was in the lounge room watching the television and it irritated the fuck out of me when she yelled through the house, so I got up and walked into the bedroom before I answered her.  She was lying across the bed with the laptop open, and greeted me with a smile.
“Babe, I fucking hate it when you do that,” I said.  I wasn’t sure why I bothered though because I’d told her this enough times in the past for her to know it.
“Sorry, I’ll try to remember that,” she said with a sly look on her face.
Shaking my head, I muttered, “Yeah, I’m sure you will.”
“So, which movie?”
“I don’t even know what’s on at the moment.  Just pick an action flick cause we both like those.”
“But there’s that new one with Julia Roberts in it, the romantic comedy.  It looks good.”
My gaze travelled along her body, taking in the tight denim shorts she was wearing and her long legs they showed off.  I’d rather be tortured with this sight all night, with no hope of getting those shorts off her, than watch a fucking romantic comedy.  “Swear to God, Madison, you mention the words romantic comedy, and my fucking dick shrivels up.”
She rolled off the bed and came to me, reaching one hand out to rub against my crotch.  “J, your dick could never shrivel up.  It was built to last forever.  Why do you think I’m with you?”
Her touch was sending my dick crazy.  It always fucking had.  “Babe.”  I pinned her with a serious look.  “You keep doing that and we’re not making it to the movies tonight.”
She stopped what she was doing but held my gaze.  Her lips parted and her tongue ran over her lips.  My eyes dropped to her lips and my breathing became uneven.  After a moment, I looked back up to her face; it was flushed with desire and that sent a jolt of electricity through me.  Straight to my already hard as fucking steel dick.
Her hands moved to my jeans and popped the button.  And again, she stopped and watched me.  I waited to see what she had in mind; this was becoming more enjoyable by the second, much more enjoyable than going to the movies, as far as I was concerned.
She reached down to her shorts, undid the button and then slowly slid the zip down.  I watched as she pushed her shorts down, as they slid down her legs, and finally as she stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. I took my time moving my gaze back up to her face, letting it stop for a long while on her panties.  When I finally found her eyes again, she was staring intently at me, waiting.
Her hand flicked out and she pointed a finger at my jeans, indicating for them to be removed.  I shook my head, and pointed back at her, indicating for her to remove them.  We waited, and watched.  The air sizzled with sexual anticipation and my dick strained against my jeans.  I desperately wanted to rip both our fucking clothes off and get inside her, but this game was turning me way the fuck on, so I resisted.