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A sexy smile crept onto her face, and she gently ran her hand through her hair, pushing it off her face.
And we waited.
Eventually, she reached out and unzipped my jeans.  Slowly.  So fucking slowly, her eyes never leaving mine.
When she had them unzipped, she pushed them down and I stepped out of them.  I had nothing on underneath them so my cock was free for her to do with it as she wished.  And, Christ, I hoped she had plans for it.
But, she decided to tease me a little while longer, and stepped back from me.  With her eyes still on mine, she lazily moved her hands to her t-shirt and very fucking slowly, removed it.  My gaze went straight to her tits.  I needed that bra off.  Like yesterday.
She pointed at my shirt.  I knew exactly what she wanted and decided to give it to her.  My shirt hit the floor three seconds later.  Our eyes locked.  And we fucking waited.
I gave her about half a minute before I took charge.  “Babe, that bra needs to come the fuck off.  Now.”
“If you want the bra or the panties off, J, you’re going to have to make that happen.”
Oh, I’d fucking make that happen.  I moved to her and with both hands, I ripped her panties off in one movement.  Her eyes widened with a mixture of shock and excitement.
I raised my eyebrows.  “You want me to take the bra off too?”
“You rip it, you pay for a new one.  And, baby, these weren’t cheap,” she replied, that sexy smile in place.
I ripped it.  Then I grabbed her by the waist, and pulled her to me.  “Best fucking money I’ve spent all day,” I whispered in her ear.
We didn’t make it to the movies that night.  Instead, I showed her how much I loved her pussy.  And how much I loved her.
Chapter 5
Later that week, I went to see my mother.  She was at home and seemed surprised by my visit.
“Been awhile since you’ve been here,” she murmured as she let me in the house.
“Just came by to see that you’re alright,” I said.  There was a distance between us, and I hated it.  We’d always been close, until now.  And I blamed my father for that.
“I’m fine.  I wish you and your brother would start believing that.”  Annoyance crept into her voice and her body language spoke volumes; this was getting her down.
I followed her into the kitchen, taking in the messy state her house was in.  This was unlike her and was another giveaway that she wasn’t doing so good.
“Mum, how can you be okay?  If I discovered that my husband had cheated on me throughout our marriage, and had another family, I’d be devastated and could never take him back.  Add to that the fact he hits you...” I stopped because my emotions about this whole situation were getting to me; I was too damn mad about it and hurt for her.
She looked distressed at what I’d said but she quickly covered it.  “I really don’t want to talk about this with you,” she snapped.
“Have you talked to anyone about it?”
“It’s no-one’s business, except mine and your fathers.”
“Bullshit!” I yelled.
She flinched at my outburst, but didn’t say a word.
“This affects our family, Mum.  And damn it, I want to talk about it.  I think there’s been enough silence on the topic.  I’m sick of the secrets and lies.”
“I’ve tried to tell you that this lifestyle is full of fucking secrets and lies.  It’s time you started listening to me.”
“Just because something’s been a certain way forever doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.  I don’t expect everything to change, I get it, but this shit between you and Dad needs to be talked about.  You need to talk; it must be eating you up inside.  I know it would be eating away at me.”
“You and I are different people, Madison.  I chose this way of living when I married your father.  I knew what I was getting myself into.  What you’ve got with J appears to be different.  I hope for your sake it is because otherwise he and the club will fucking eat you alive.”
“So, you’re telling me that you knew Dad was going to cheat on you?  And did he hit you before you married him?”  I was so confused; I just could’t imagine marrying a man like that.
She went quiet and took a minute before answering.  “He did cheat on me before we married.”  She paused when she saw the look of disbelief cross my face.  “You’ve got to understand that kind of thing was common; it still is in this life.  You know that.”
“I might know that but there’s no way I’d ever marry a man who cheated on me, Mum.”
She nodded.  “I know that.  And that does make me happy.  I just hope that J never goes there.”
“Well, if he does, he won’t have a dick left to do it again.  Not after I get to him.”
Mum laughed, and it was the best sound I’d heard all morning.  It broke the tension a little.  “I’ve missed you, honey,” she said quietly.
My tone softened.  “I’ve missed you too, Mum.”
She pointed to the stool at the kitchen bench.  “Have a seat and I’ll make you a coffee.”
Smiling, I said, “That would be good.”
I sat, and she made coffee.  We then spent the next couple of hours catching up and doing our best to avoid the topic of my father.  I desperately wanted to talk to her about him some more, but I knew not to push her.  If I did, she would retreat and start avoiding me.  No, I needed to be smart about this and figure out a way to help her without her realising what I was doing.