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Thankfully, his stepmother had been kind and treated him as her own, pushing him toward sports and finding true friends. Evie and Levi had been as close as he could let anyone in, though. Ultimately, between his family, Evie, and Levi, he had felt the only emotion he was capable of—loyalty.
It was why he had joined the military, which ultimately had saved him. He had been trained to do what he was born to do—kill. The military had taught him how to fine-tune his “talent” until there were very few who had his expertise. He could take out a target and not feel one fucking thing. He could kill someone and eat dinner an hour later without feeling the slightest bit of remorse.
He had never felt any spark of emotion until he had seen Lily. He could control his own heartbeat, yet it had sped out of control when she had glanced in his direction while she was in the water. She had stared through him as if he didn’t exist, and he hadn’t, until then. She had made him real. She had made him human without saying a damn thing.
Shade ran a hand over his hair, trying to make sense of what was happening.
“What’s up? Why are you glaring at Sam like you want to strangle her?” Razer asked, opening a beer.
“I’m getting sick of the bitch.”
Sam cast him a wary glance. She was too far away to hear his words, but she was smart enough to interpret the cold face staring at her.
“Didn’t seem that way the other night when she was sucking your dick.”
“She’s not the only woman who sucks dick.”
“That’s true, but none of them have her father. You know Viper wants us to find out what we can about Vincent Bedford. Neither the president of the local bank nor the good citizens of the town are going to give us the information we need, but Sam might. Come on, relax. What’s got you so uptight anyway?”
“You sure?”
“I’m sure. Now quit busting my balls and leave me alone,” Shade snarled, throwing his empty bottle in the trashcan then grabbing another one.
“Okay.” Razer laughed, taking a drink of his own beer.
“You going to make a move on that blond bitch?”
“Probably. I haven’t made my mind up yet.”
“When you do, make sure you keep me out of any conversations with her.”
“Brother, your business has always been your own.”
“Good. Let’s keep it that way.”
Chapter 3
“Want another refill?” Shade turned his attention from Train at the question, his eyes sliding down the waitress’s body in the tight uniform. She had conveniently left several of the buttons undone, giving a generous view of her tits.

“No, thanks. I’ve had enough.” His cold voice left no doubt of his double meaning. He had fucked her a few times, enough to know her pussy wasn’t all that remarkable.
Her mouth dropped in disappointment as she refilled Razer and Train’s cups, leaving when neither man responded to her smile.
“Going to have to find a new place to eat breakfast.”
“Why? The food’s good,” Shade asked, drinking the last of his coffee.
“Don’t want a horny waitress spitting in my food because she’s pissed at you,” Razer commented as the door to the restaurant opened and people flooded inside.
“Church’s out,” Train said, still eating the large breakfast he had ordered.
Shade sensed when she came in the door.
As Lily walked across the restaurant, snagging one of the last tables, he didn’t have to remind himself she was too young for him. The other kids with their fresh faces and immature bodies confirmed that he was too fucking old for her.
One pimply-faced punk plopped down next to her, handing her a menu. Her sister sat at the end, watching them in amusement. Shade didn’t know what she found so fucking funny.
He wanted to break the punk’s hand every time he tried to take Lily’s in his. She unconsciously would move it away, but it didn’t lessen the anger he felt.
“Lucky’s coming in the door.”
While the Pastor stopped to talk to his faithful parishioners, Shade could tell Lucky only wanted to sit and eat.
Shade’s own amusement died at Lucky’s frustration when he heard Lily call him to their table. There was an easy familiarity between the two as he talked to Lily and her friends before giving his attention to Beth. Then the bastard managed to snag an invitation to sit and eat breakfast with them.
“I’m done. You ready?” Train asked, reaching for the check.
“No,” Shade answered at the same as Razer. “I want another cup of coffee.” He motioned to the waitress.
After she refilled his coffee, he and Razer unashamedly eavesdropped on Lily’s table, learning she was going away for the weekend on a youth trip.
Shade frowned. Why the fuck was Beth allowing her sister to go away for the weekend with a bunch of randy kids?
Shade could only hear bits and pieces of the conversation going on at the table. Regardless, he did catch the end when Lily stood up, preparing to leave.
“We better be going,” Lily told her sister. “I’ll be home by ten.”
“Finish your project. Don’t worry about the time, but remember you have school in the morning.”
Shade gritted his teeth at Beth’s mischievous look. What the hell? What kind of guardian was she to let Lily stay out late? She was practically giving them permission to fuck.
Shade saw the boyfriend put his arm around Lily as they left, the tension easing in his stomach when he saw her pull away from the touch.
Razer stood, watching Lucky flirt with Beth and then leave her to go pay the check.
“Let’s go,” Razer snapped as Beth left the diner.
Shade rose, already knowing what Razer had planned. He grinned when Razer picked up the tab for all three of them.
“What’s the hurry?” Train asked as they followed a rushing Razer outside.
“Shut up and get in,” Shade told him, getting in the truck.
Razer caught his eyes as he drove the truck out of the diner’s parking lot. Instead of speeding up on the small, two-lane road, Razer drove slowly.
“She’s not going to give your ass the time of day,” Train spoke up from the backseat, showing he wasn’t as clueless as Shade thought.
“Yes, she will.” Razer threw them a confident grin.
Shade didn’t smile back. He didn’t want Razer to become friendly with the pretty blond. He had a bad feeling in his gut. They should avoid any contact with either of the sisters, who lived the complete antithesis of the life The Last Riders led.
Instead of arguing against the upcoming interaction, however, he found himself speaking up. “There she is.”
Razer pulled up alongside where Beth was walking. “Want a ride home?”
“Yes.” The look on her face was composed, but Shade didn’t miss the hesitation in her eyes.
Shade didn’t give her time to change her mind, jumping out of the truck to let her climb in before getting back in himself.
“I live down Pine. It’s just—”
“I know where it is,” Razer cut her off before introducing them to her.