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Shade saw her looking over his tattoos before lingering on his sunglasses.
“What’s so funny?” Razer asked, probably noticing her smile instead of focusing on driving.
“I was just wondering how you decided what your name was; if you chose it or someone else.”
“Depends,” Razer answered.
“On what?”
Razer shrugged. ”A lot of things. It’s usually because we’re good at something.”
“So because Shade wears sunglasses, he was given that name.” She smiled at him.
“You think I’m called Shade because I wear sunglasses?” He couldn’t hold back his laughter. Her naiveté was unbelievable.
He had been given the name while in the military, and it sure as shit wasn’t because he wore sunglasses.
“Then why do you think they call me Razer?”
“Because you like to shave?” A tinge of red covered her cheeks when Train laughed at her that time. Even Razer had a hard time holding back from laughing in her face.
If the woman knew how Razer had earned his nickname, she would jump out of the moving truck. The brother had become an expert at shaving the women’s pussies. The man had a fetish about having the women cleanly shaven, and if they shared his bed and hadn’t taken care of it, Razer would pull out his long-handled razor and shave them himself. Shade had witnessed it for himself many times over the years. Razer shaving the women was erotic as fuck and made the women hornier than hell.
Razer pulled into Beth’s driveway, where she further showed her innocence when she didn’t ask how they had known where she lived. Honestly, he and Razer had often found themselves driving by the house after the day they saw the sisters eating ice cream.
Shade didn’t get out of the truck, giving Razer his opportunity to be alone with Beth after he had let her out his door. Shade observed her uncertainty as she talked to Razer in front of her door.
“Think she’ll go out with him?” Train’s voice was skeptical.
“Yeah.” She might have been uncertain, but Shade also saw curiosity.
When Razer was back in the truck, Train asked, “Well?”
“We’re going for a ride on my bike.” Razer put the truck in reverse, pulling out of the driveway.
The speed he drove them back to the clubhouse showed how anxious he was. Shade had never seen Razer so eager to hook up with a woman. Usually, he was laid back, and all a woman had to do to get Razer’s attention was spread her legs. For once, Razer was having to chase tail. Although, Shade didn’t know how long that would last, since Razer had a short attention span whenever pussy was involved.
Shade climbed out of the truck when Razer brought Rider’s truck to a stop by his bike.

Razer tossed him the keys. “Give these to Rider for me.”
“Sure thing. Have fun.”
“I will.” Razer gave him a casual wave as he started his bike.
Shade went up the long flight of steps to the clubhouse sitting on the hill. Finding Rider inside at the bar with his arm around Jewell, Shade slid his keys across to him.
“I thought you weren’t going to be gone long?” Rider questioned.
“Something came up.” Razer’s dick, Shade thought wryly, deliberately trying not to remember his own desire to sit and watch Lily.
Shade went behind the bar he and Knox had built the first week they had moved into the large clubhouse. It had been meant to be a bed and breakfast for buyers coming to see the factory which was being built, but that had all gone to Hell when Gavin had disappeared when it had come time to buy the equipment. Everyone in the town believed Gavin had taken the investment money and disappeared. Everyone except The Last Riders. They all knew in their heart he was dead, but they were determined to give him the proper burial he deserved.
Shade poured himself a whiskey, thinking he would return to Ohio and never look back after they had found out what had happened to Gavin and Lucky finished his investigation.
“I have to go run an errand for Viper. Later.” Rider left Jewell and him alone with Knox and Train, who were playing pool.
Shade studied Jewell’s black hair as he drank his whiskey. “Take off your top.”
Shade kept his eyes on hers as she pulled off her grey T-shirt, exposing her breasts since she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were firm with brown nipples.
Shade wondered what color Lily’s nipples were then immediately felt guilty for having dirty thoughts about an underage girl. He poured himself another drink.
“Lose the jeans.”
Jewell slid the jeans down her hips and thighs before stepping out of them.
“Sit on the stool.” Shade kept his instructions short, watching as her stomach quivered at the tone of command in his voice.
She lifted herself to sit on the stool as Shade walked over to her, spread her thighs until he had a clear view of her pussy, and then sat down in a chair facing the stool.
Knox and Train quit playing their pool game to watch.
“Play with yourself.”
While Jewell’s fingers started to eagerly rub her already wet pussy, he sipped on his whiskey, stretching out his legs to give his dick some room in his jeans.
“Don’t come,” Shade warned as her breasts shook from her escalated breathing.
Jewell nodded, keeping her finger on her clit while Shade unbuttoned his jeans, releasing his engorged cock.
“Come here.”
Jewell hastily slid off the stool, coming to stand in front of him.
“You want my dick?”
“God, yes,” she moaned.
Shade reached into his back pocket for a condom, ripping it open and sliding it on. Then he reached forward, taking a nipple between his two fingers to tug her closer to him.
As Jewell placed her knees on each side of his hips, her pussy hovering over his dick, Shade smiled at her approvingly.
“May I please fuck you?” she begged seductively.
Her hot pussy slid down easily over him while Shade leaned forward and took the brown nipple into his mouth.
“Fuck me,” he ordered.
Jewell began sliding up and down his dick, whimpering as he leaned back against the chair, making her do all the work.
“What’s wrong? Not enough for you?” Shade questioned.
“I need more.” Shade knew she meant she wanted him to pound into her, but he wasn’t ready to give her what she needed.
“She needs more, brother.” Knox dropped the pool cue onto the pool table, coming to stand behind Jewell who was fucking Shade’s cock like a piston.
When Shade took her ass cheeks in his hands, spreading the globes wide, Knox unzipped his jeans, pulling out his cock then hurriedly putting on a condom.
“I need to get some lube.” He hesitated with his cock pointed at her ass.
“No!” Jewell shouted.
“She likes the pain. Don’t you?” he asked, seeing the lust blazing out of her eyes.
“Put it in, Knox,” Shade told him.
Knox leaned forward, rubbing his cock through the juices seeping from her cunt, and then Shade felt her cunt become even tighter as Knox worked his cock into her tight asshole.
“Damn. Fuck,” Knox groaned, his hands clasping her tits from behind. Shade’s fingers went to her clit to give her the added stimulation as Knox fucked her from behind.