Xavier Cold

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The lights overhead are nearly blinding when you stare up at them too long. The mats hard beneath me as I lay here attempting to catch my breath.
I roll over and then push myself up to my feet. Pinning Rex so early wouldn’t be good business. The fans are expecting a show, and it’s my job to give it to him.
I stumble over to Rex and grab his hair, forcing him to his feet. “On your feet, fucker.”
“Kiss my ass. I won’t help you take my belt.”
He grunts as I elbow him in the ribs. As much as I want to unleash my anger, I hold back and maintain perfect control of my temper. This asshole will not ruin this for me again no matter how much he tries to get to me.
Rex shoves me back, and I stumble back to sell it to the crowd. We face each other, both of our chests heaving, waiting on the other to make the first move.
“Come on!” Rex screams out of frustration as I rush at him.
Our arms hook up in a test of strength, and he tries to push me back. I plant my feet and a cold smile crosses my face when he realizes that I’m not budging.
His eyes widen as I slam a forearm across his chest. The wind gushes out of him as I pin him against the ropes and growl. “This is my house, motherfucker, and it’s time you respect that.”
I hit him one more time and he wobbles on his feet. It’s clear he’s losing the will to fight. It’s time to finish this.
I rush back against the ropes and bounce off of them with momentum that could rival a freight train. Rex braces for impact as I launch myself at him, spearing him to the mat with enough force to shake the whole ring.
The crowd chants my name, “X! X! X!”
He moans as he lies next to me, and I know he can’t take much more punishment.
Energy surges through me, and I seize the moment to hook my elbow around his leg, effectively pinning him to the mat.
The referee falls to the mat and smacking it hard as he counts out loud.
“One!” the crowd chants along with the referee.
I lay there stunned. I’ve finally done it. I’m finally the champion.
The referee hands me the belt and then helps me onto my feet. The gold on the belt glistens beneath the lights above the stage as I hold it out in front of me. I’ve worked so hard in my career, punishing my body to nearly its breaking point, all for this moment—the chance to hold this championship belt in my hands. I’ve earned this. I’ve went through hell for this belt and I finally feel like I deserve to happy.
“Your new Heavy-Weight Champion, PHENOMENAL X!” The announcer shouts over the crowd and my name echoes around the room.
Rex slams his fist into the ground like a spoiled child throwing a fit, but him being pissed over the situation isn’t my problem. This is how things were always meant to be.
I stare up at the crowd and every single person in the place is on their feet, cheering and chanting my name. It’s a fucking rush. I raise my hand in victory while I clutch the belt against my chest as I walk over to the corner of the ring. I extend my hand out to Anna. “Come on, beautiful. Share this moment with me.”
She takes my hand and I pull her up onto the ring.
She wraps her arms around me and I bury my face into her hair so I can say, “We did it.”
Anna pulls back and then shakes her head. “No. You did it.”
There’s no way I could’ve done this without her, and it’s high time she knew just how much she means to me.
I turn to the referee. “Get me a mic.”
Within seconds of my request, a microphone is shoved into my hand so I can address the crowd. “Last time I was in this ring, I left in handcuffs. This time I walk out of here as the champ.” The fans get so loud, I swear the roof of this place is about to blow. After a couple of minutes, they quiet down enough for me to continue. “Assassin tried to take away everything that was important to me, but that dumb ass couldn’t figure out you can’t mess with fate. I’ve got my belt, and I’ve got my woman.”
Anna stares up at me with a wide grin and mouths the words ‘I love you’ to me.
I gaze into her eyes, knowing this woman is my soul mate—the one I can’t live without—and it’s time to make this shit permanent for real. “This woman has brought me out of the depths of my darkness. She’s my light—my everything—and it’s high time the world knows she’s mine.” I drop down to one knee in front of a sold-out crowd and millions of people watching at home. “Anna . . . will you marry me?”
Her hands cover her face in shock. She wasn’t prepared for this moment, but she should know by now I never do what’s expected. Tears flow from her eyes as she smiles and nods, repeating the word yes over and over.
I hop to my feet and cradle her face in my hands. “I love you, Anna. Always have and always will.”
I thread my fingers into her hair, and crash my lips into hers and get lost in the moment.
Anna curls her fingers into my shirt and yanks me into the elevator with her. We’ve been celebrating my victory all evening, and it looks like the party is continuing in her room.
As soon as the doors close, I pick her up and crush my mouth into hers.
She wraps her legs around my waist and grips handfuls of my hair. “I want you.”
Fuck. I nearly come apart every time she says that to me.
This woman is fucking perfection. Everything she does turns me on like a fucking light switch and I can’t wait until I get her sexy ass in bed.
I glance up at the elevator numbers and realize we’re stopping on her floor and excitement for what I know is going to be amazing sex builds inside me. “Patience, baby. We’re almost there.”
The doors open and I carry her with ease down the hall. Her lips are still connected with mine when we arrive at her door.
I pull back. “Room key?”
She reaches into her back pocket and then slips it into the slot on the door. It opens on the first try, and we push inside.
The lights remain off as I walk over to the bed and toss Anna on it.
She scoots to the middle, her eyes trained on me while her hair is wild from our elevator make-out.
I crawl toward her like a predator. “Ever been fucked by a champion?”
She bites her lip. “No . . . but I have the feeling that I’m about to be.”
With a firm hand, I push her down onto the bed and then slide her tank top up. I kiss the warm flesh of her stomach and stare up at her through hooded eyes. “Did I mention how fucking sexy you looked tonight? You have no idea how tempted I was to drag you to a dark corner somewhere and have my way with you”