Xavier Cold

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A blush immediately creeps into her cheeks. “I would’ve liked that.”
My tongue darts out and I lick around her naval. “Don’t tempt me, beautiful, or next time when I have the urge to take you, I’ll just do it and not give a fuck where we are or who can hear you scream out my name when I make you come.”
I crawl up next to her and then prop my head up with my left hand. I trace the smooth skin on her exposed shoulder before I lean in and nip it, causing her to giggle. I hook my finger around the hem of her shirt and lift the fabric higher, exposing the white lacey bra that covers her breast. I run my index finger along the curve of her breast, enjoying the feel of its silky-softness.
My cock jerks inside my jeans, begging for her attention.
Anna kisses my lips and then knots her fingers back into my hair. Taking things slow has never been on our sexual menu. It’s like the moment we start . . . we can’t get enough of each other.
She touches my cheek and I kiss her wrist, inhaling the sweet scent of her soap and perfume. “I love you, Xavier.”
“I love you, too.” It’s surprising how saying this to her now comes with such ease.
Before her I was lost in the darkness, battling demons all alone. I’m nowhere near healed, but with her light, I know I’ll be able to find my way out of my own self-destructive path. She is my angel and she’s giving me something I never thought I would have—a family.
“You okay?” she whispers as she gazes into my eyes.
I press my lips to hers. “Never better.”
“I’m sure that’s not totally true,” she taunts. “I can think of something else that will make you a whole lot better.”
I grin wickedly, loving how dirty her mind has become. “I see my naughty Anna has come out to play.”
“What can I say? You make me horny.” The blush on her face deepens. “I can’t believe I just said that to you.”
I push her hair back off her shoulder. “Honesty, always, right? Isn’t that our new rule?”
She nods. “It is.”
“Then you should never be afraid or embarrassed to tell me how you feel. How will I ever know what you want from me otherwise?”
She swallows hard. “Make love to me, Xavier.”
I grin. “I will happily grant that request.”
I roll over and pin her to the bed. “Ready to go one-on-one with the champ?”
She giggles. “Absolutely.”
Anna pushes my shoulder, rolling me over onto my back. “How’d you like that reversal?”
“Impressive.” I grab her hips as she straddles me. “Got any other moves?”
She bends down and presses her lips to mine, before she begins her slow, delicious tease of kissing a path across my face. “A few.”
I lick my lips. “Show me.”
She leans back and shoves my shirt up before running her hands down my torso. The button of my jeans pop open with ease and she snakes her hand inside in order to grab my cock.
“Jesus,” I hiss, not used to her taking such control, but loving that she’s asserting herself with me.
I sit up and wrap her in my arms, crushing my lips to hers before I plunge my tongue inside her mouth. She rotates her hips and a soft moan emits from her throat. My cock strains against my jeans, missing the warmth of her hand and needing her touch again.
Her dark hair floats around us as she throws her head back, giving me better access to drag my lips down her throat. “I need you.”
Her plea for me to take her is heard loud and clear. I rip her top the rest of the way off and shove her bra down so hard a distinct tearing sound can’t be missed. Anna works quickly pulling my shirt over my head. It’s like she can’t get her skin against mr fast enough and I fucking love knowing how bad she wants me.
“Pants,” I mutter, needing them off before I lose my fucking mind.
She crawls to her knees and yanks the rest of her clothes off as I remove my own. We watch each other with lust-filled eyes get naked, and it’s like we’re waiting for the bell to go off for a round so we can attack one another.
When everything is gone, I flip her on her back and spread her legs out wide before me. I slip a digit between her folds, feeling her swollen clit against it. “Damn, beautiful. Always so wet and ready for me.”
She stares up at me. “Because my body always craves you.”
I kiss her again. Taught nipples rub against my chest as I press my body to hers.
This woman is fucking perfect and all fucking mine.
I finger fuck her pussy until she’s writhing beneath me. “You ready, baby?”
“Yes,” she hisses. “Please, God, yesss.”
I bring my fingers up to my mouth and taste the sweet juices of her arousal. “Tastes so fucking good—sweet, like you.” I lean and whisper. “Mine. You’re all mine, Anna, now and forever.”
I swivel my hips, coating myself with her wetness, and then I enter her in one quick thrust. “Fuck me. Being inside you never gets old. It feels so fucking good.”
I pull out and then pump back inside again and again until I’m pounding into her so hard the sound of our skin slamming together fills the room.
Anna reaches up and curls her fingers around my forearms. “Oh, God. Oh, God. Xavier . . . ohhhh”
I stare into her eyes as she falls apart. Her mouth drifts open and she digs her nails into my skin as she cries out, “Xavier!”
Warmth spreads over my body. I’m nowhere near for this to be over, but there’s no way I can fight it knowing I’m deep inside the most beautiful fucking woman in the world while she’s panting from coming around my cock.
My entire body shutters and I slip into sweet ecstasy and fill her full. This woman is my destiny and I will never allow anything else to ever come between us.
Chapter 33
It’s odd sitting in the back of Mother and Father’s minivan with Xavier. It shocked the hell out of me when Father sent a text this morning asking if they could drive us to the airport.
The clicking sound is the only thing to be heard inside the cab. None of us have made the first move to say anything and the ride is the most awkward experience of my life.
Father pulls up to the passenger loading area. “I’ll get the bags.”
“I’ll help him,” Xavier says before jumping out to assist.