Flawed Love

Flawed Love

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**FLAWED LOVE is a standalone second chance romance with a HEA** 
Rainer Torrence is everything I could have wanted in my life and more. 
He became my best friend when I was Thirteen years old. 
From then on, we were inseparable. He was my first love and my first heartbreak. 
But I always thought it was forever. 
Until his Father died and things went bad. 
Then suddenly, he disappeared. 
Ten years and I didn’t see or hear from him. 
Then came the call I’d be praying for– he was back in town. 
Only the man I remembered is not him. 
This man is quiet, deadly, and so incredibly beautiful. 
He also doesn’t remember me. 
He looks into my eyes, and he sees nothing. 
So, I let him believe I’m just a girl that walked into his bar. 
I let him believe I’m just a friend. 
I let him use me on the cold, dark nights. 
I let him believe that I am as emotionless about our relationship as he is. 
I just let the secret go on and on. 
But all secrets have an end, don’t they?

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